Noise in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada

Magpies , Crows , Pigeons , Gulls
Time was you only heard a lone crow cawing out in the country . In that context it might be pleasant but in Edmonton now there are crows everywhere you go . They start cawing at 4:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night nonstop .You can hear a crow from almost 2 blocks away and it is an agressive ugly sound . But worse is the magpies . Beginning in late spring they start breeding and starting from early morning until late evening they squawk . The young squawk almost constantly so the adult birds know where they are and that they are okay . Its an unpleasant sound and there is hardly a space in the entire city that is not rife with these birds . It is very hard to spend time outdoors day after day all day and have to listen to these birds .  Outside my door are about 30 magpies , about 10 crows and about 30 gulls . Most of the day all these birds are making the most unpleasant racket . If you had a pet animal making that kind of noise you would be getting complaints from your neighbors and you would have a visit from the City Bylaw Department .

When someone walks down the street with their dog , the magpies go nuts . Screeching and squawking and making the most god awful noise .

Wherever there are pets there is usually pet food  .  And that means lots of magpies . Our  dogs are outside and there can be 10 or so magpies on the fences and roofs bothering the dogs . They torment the dogs all day long .  The dogs have come to ignore them , but I don’t know that it doesn’t bother them . Sometimes I am in the kitchen and the noise outside is so ridiculous that I run outside and chase the magpies away . I think the city has decided not to cull the population of these birds and now they are out of control . When I ride my bicycle I can hear these birds on almost every block . I used to love sitting or working outside but there is never any peace and quiet in this city anymore . If you shoot or poison these birds you get fined .  I have heard if you complain about them the city will come and cull them , but I don’t know that that is true .


I used to live on the 16th floor of a high rise on Jasper Avenue . All summer the motorcycles go roaring down the avenue night and day . 3 am and you’re awakened by this insanely loud noise going down the road . Its not bad enough that these motorcycles are so loud but then you get these obnoxious individuals who drive them revving up the machines for maximum noise . Supposedly the city had made bylaws  regarding the noise levels of these machines , but it seems that there are no less of these obnoxious machines on the road .


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