Macs Store Clareview , Edmonton , Alberta

The following is a letter I sent to Macs Store Head Office but I never heard back from them . It seems as though a number of Corporate Companies no longer care about their customers experiences and concerns . I have not and will not ever shop at a Macs store again. I have never cared for their stores to begin with as I find they are generally overpriced . I much prefer 711 but there is not a store close to me or I would certainly go there  . As it is now , I just go without if it is afterhours .

To : Macs Stores Head Office :

I couldn’t sleep so I was working late on my computer and I wanted to get some snacks .
At about 2:45 am , Saturday , March 15 , 2014 I walked down to the Macs store in Clareview on 137th Avenue and 35th street .
I recently moved to this area , November 15 , 2014 , and because it was warm out I thought I would go down and check out the Macs store for the first time .
I picked out some pop , sunflower seeds , throat lozenges , and some Breyers Reese Peanut Butter Ice Cream . The sign on the freezer door said “ Breyers Ice Cream on sale for $4.99 with a picture of 4 flavors and a size range and said “ assorted flavors “ . There were about 10 different flavors in the freezer , all the same size , and since I have never bought that ice cream before I thought I would try it . Assorted flavors and sales of that nature often mean more flavors than just the ones in the picture . If it was only the flavors in the pictures it should have just had the pictures of those products and the price and not said “assorted flavors “ implying more flavors .
There are a lot of stores that have similar sales to this one at the Macs store . I travel throughout the city everyday and I go to a myriad of stores . Shell Food Stores have similar sales to these , and they are always confusing . They will say something like “ Assorted chocolate bars from Hershey “ and a picture of a few Hershey bars . That could be numerous items distributed by Hershey as well as Hershey bars . Often the staff person does not know all of which is on sale and Shell is notorious for having the sale sign but not having it programmed into the computer so you have to always ask what they are charging you . Safeway has similar sales where they have a picture of one or two items and a range of sizes and assorted flavors which means you have to go hunting through the shelves for sale tags or ask at customer service . Both of which take up a lot of time . They should just have a sign with all the sale products so you don’t have to go hunting through the aisles to see what is on sale . Sobeys once had numerous “tortilla chips “ made by Tostitos on sale and it took me 20 minutes and three sales persons to find out if a certain bag was on sale . It turned out it was , but there was no sales sign , and none of the staff knew if it was on sale . And they had a huge 5 shelf display with no price signs whatsoever . It was the sale items but they hadn’t put up the signs for whatever reason , and this was already 3 days into the sale . Pathetic .
And now , the worst experience of all time at a Macs store . When I went up to pay , I politely asked the person working there if he caught the sale price for the ice cream , since it often happens that the person does not punch in the sale price or it is not programmed into the computer .
Instead of simply saying that the particular flavor I picked was not one of the sale items , he asked me , in a condescending tone “ if I understood English “ . I was shocked by his remark and when I tried to point out to him that lots of stores have sales like that and it could mean other flavors as well . he asked me once again if “ I understood English “ and then told me , again condescendingly , to go over to the door and read the sign again .
He himself walked over to the door of the freezer , adamant to prove his point , and I walked over to the door . He pointed out the sign , as if to prove I indeed did not understand English .
By now I was furious . I informed him that he will never understand English as well as myself . I told him to go back to the country he came from . I have never had worse customer service in my entire life , let alone been insulted racially . The idea of someone from another country insulting me about my understanding of my own language can only be considered racism and infuriates me .
Could this employee honestly think that I would buy something after being treated that way , let alone ever come back , or ever shop at another Macs store anywhere . That is the one and only time I have ever been in that store .
I worked for the University of Alberta and The Edmonton Public Library among other places . My vocabulary and understanding of English are impeccable . I have also worked with the public all my life , both in retail , on the radio , the library and the University . I had my own retail store for 14 years . I probably would have fired anyone who acted like this person on the spot .
I am also 58 years old so I’ve been around the block a few times . I am white , and was born and lived in Edmonton all my life .
Unless I get a written apology signed by the person who was working there , and an apology by the person who owns the store , I will be pursuing this matter far further . I am not going to accept this behavior from an employee of a store where I might have spent some money , let alone someone insulting me racially .
There are a lot of people from other countries living in this area . I as a white person am in the minority . That does not bother me but if there is some sort of racism brooding here I am not going to tolerate it . A racist remark directed at me means nothing to my own self esteem . I am confident and smart enough to not let that mean anything to my own person . That is not my issue . I grew up in the seventies and fought against racism , fought for woman’s rights , fought against homophobia and bullying of any kind , and religious tolerance and I certainly will not tolerate it under these circumstances . Canada has been one of the most tolerant countries of the world and I will not stand by and let people from other countries bring their own bigoted ideas here . I am already extremely concerned about the various cultures coming to Canada with antiquated and immoral ideas of a woman’s place in the world . I have a daughter and my daughter enjoys the rights for women that people fought hard for on this side of the world . I see men and women coming from other countries and the man walks around with fancy shoes , and designer jeans and shirts and modern haircuts , while their significant others are covered and cloaked in secrecy . That is not the kind of country Canada is . A woman in Canada is largely an equal , and there is still plenty of work to be done .I want a woman who is an equal and who will challenge me as such , not quiver in my presence like a pet dog being scolded . If you can’t leave it at the door when you come , then don’t come to this country .


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