Bicycle Bylaw No Cycling on Edmonton Sidewalks

I heard with great sadness , awhile back , that one of Edmonton’s aldermen from the past , Tooker Gomberg had committed suicide . He was a great advocate of cycling and fought hard for cycling in Edmonton . Many considered him to be crazy , but he was so obviously ahead of his time on a number of issues .
Cycling is great exercise , its green , and it’s quiet as opposed to the incredibly obnoxious motorcycles that go blaring down the road , interfering with the peace of hundreds of people . Honestly , what kind of person is so disrespectful of other people to make that kind of noise .
In Edmonton they have made a bylaw that you cannot ride a bicycle on the sidewalk . I do not know what the fine is for riding on the sidewalk . I would say that 90 per cent or more of the sidewalks in Edmonton are vacant of pedestrians 90 per cent of the time . It is absolutely ridiculous to be fighting about bicycle paths on city roads when cyclists could ride on the sidewalk . Riding on the sidewalk is relaxing because you can ride in safety . Riding on the road is terrifying . Riding in the middle of a lane on the road where there are less potholes is taking your life in your hands . There are so many distracted drivers that someone could easily hit you . But if you were to ride near the curb you are really risking your life because of all the potholes and cracks in the road . If you swerve to miss a pothole you may go too far into the road and get hit by someone and if you hit a pothole you may lose control of the bike if even slightly and get hit . In years gone by cycling was an activity that was far more widespread and appreciated , but now it seems that a lot of younger drivers are not so cognoscente of cyclists . Not too mention the scourge of cellphones . I have never heard of someone being killed by a bicycle on the sidewalk . However many cyclists have lost their lives on city roads .
Last year I went to the bottle depot to take in some bottles . As I was crossing the intersection the person driving in the inside opposite lane was not stopping . They either expected me to stop and let them whiz on by or they expected me to run across the road so they would not have to brake . As it was , they were still coming on strong and I looked into the windshield and mouthed if the guy was going to stop . As I finished walking across the intersection with my bike and bottles , he pulled up alongside me looking for a fight . He was a middle eastern man about 30 years old and he had his girlfriend with him . Then he proceeded to tell me that it was not a crosswalk , because it did not have all the markings and overhead lights . Because of this he claimed he had the right of way and that I needed to acquiesce to him . When I told him a pedestrian always has the right of way , he made some “useless piece of shit “ comment and then drove off into the sunset .
Many times I have had to hit or bang the side of a vehicle while crossing the road because they are on a cellphone or not looking both ways .
These are the kind of comments and actions that vehicle drivers are often guilty of . Many drivers now feel that a cyclist should not be on there road and they resent having to slow down or go around them .


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