Phones That Don’t Work November 17 , 2014

Phones That Dont Work / November 2014

Recently we went to Red Deer to deliver some tires to somebody . Shortly after we left Edmonton , my cell phone did not work . Even though I had long distance minutes in my account , my phone would not work . Because my phone service is Mobilicity and they are in bankruptcy I have come to expect crappy service with very little chance of a complaint changing anything .
Because my phone did not work , I needed to find a pay phone to check in with the people I was meeting to deliver the tires . We took the exit to Lacombe , which is a few miles before Red Deer . There was a Co-Op Grocery Store with a pay phone and we stopped to use the phone . I dialed the number only to find out that the number 4 on the phone did not work . I would bet that I could come back next year and that phone will probably still be f**ked up . So we drove around until we found a payphone at a Boston Pizza . I checked in with the people I was supposed to meet and we headed off to Red Deer . When we got to Red Deer we were going to meet one of the guys at the Costco . There was a movie theatre by the Costco and I figured for sure they would have a payphone . As it was they did not but the employee let us use the house phone . Thank you for that . After we met the first guy we went to KFC to get something to eat . We had a coupon for 4 pieces of chicken and fries for $6.99 . In case you don’t know , this coupon is disguised as some kind of deal from KFC but it is actually just regular price . A 4 piece meal is $9.49 with fries , 2 sides and a drink . So $6.99 for just chicken and fries is no deal . We were informed by the KFC employee that this location did not accept coupons . So in actual fact they are refusing a coupon for something that is the regular price anyway . Bullshit advertising from KFC . So we went to Wendy’s instead .
Then we spent 45 minutes looking for a pay phone . We went to so many different places looking for a phone , and no one had a pay phone or knew where one was . One person at a motel offered to let us use the business phone and I tried the number but it was long distance to the cell phone I was phoning . I had a long distance card but I couldn’t get the person dialing to dial all the numbers you need to dial to use a phone card . Finally after 45 minutes we found a payphone . By this time the person we were supposed to meet had given up on us and had gone home , so we had to drive across Red Deer to go to him .
Finally we were done and headed home . A trip that might have or should have taken 3 or 4 hours turned into 6 hours and was a bit of a nightmare . What should have been a simple trip became a pathetic ode to corporate bullshit . So many things these days are so complicated by so much ignorance and greed .


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