Mary Browns goes Halal . And I divorce Mary Brown .

Sent Email To Mary Brown’s : December 22 , 2014

It has come to my attention that Mary Browns has gone Halal in many locations . I believe I saw an ad for locations that were 100% Halal . I love Mary Browns chicken and the taters , but there are lots of choices nowadays for chicken and potatoes and I will no longer spend my money at Mary Browns . I can easily direct my money to a company that I respect . I will not spend my money in a food establishment that succumbs to religious partisanship .

Canada is a free country . That means freedom to worship however you choose . If I go to a 100% Halal restaurant , my freedom has been compromised . I will go somewhere else . And that means not another Mary Browns restaurant . If you wanted to give them a choice , that is one thing . But when you only offer their choice , that is another thing altogether . I am not interested in my foods being Kosher either , but at least Jewish people don’t try and ram it down your throat like Muslims .

I believe in common sense when eating food . Not antiquated scripture and bastardized interpretations of scripture . God gave the earth to man and woman to use everything on earth and to be good stewards of the earth . Including the science of nutrition . Just because a Muslim blessed the meat does not mean anything . I will not support any neanderthal Islamic thinking by eating at a Mary Browns who think it is okay to trample on my freedom of religion by going 100% Halal to get more business from Muslims . Whether you believe in Islam and that is your motive or you just want the business , I find it offensive . You may have their business , but you won’t have mine , or my families , or my friends , or any other person I inform , who may be offended by this . Allowing these people to come to our country is one thing . Having them impose themselves on us is quite another thing .

Most of the people in the world eat pork and nothing comes of it . Pork is not the only food in the world that must be cooked properly to eat . And in a world of ever increasing numbers of people , pork is an important part of the food chain . In England , a butcher sold Muslims pork instead of beef for 3 years until there was a scandal . Come on . Are you telling me they could not tell the difference . I have been a vegetarian all my life . Occasionally I eat chicken , turkey , fish , as a treat when I eat out at a restaurant , or a meal at a friends or family members house . If there is only red meat ( beef or pork ) I will eat that out of respect for my friends and family . I know it is not going to hurt me . Even though I have only had red meat rarely in the last 40 years , I can tell you what is pork and what is beef . They don’t look or taste the same at all , and when you cook , they do not work the same in certain recipes . The spices to cook or eat pork are not the same as for beef . And if you made a recipe , they would not taste the same . How could you be duped for 3 years . And what of the person who blessed the meat all that time .

Whatever religion a person wants to worship is fine by me . I am a Christian and I have read and studied the Qaran . There are many things I have difficulty with in the name of Islam . I feel that it would be very bad Karma to have my food treated this way and I do not want someone praying over my food in that way . Some of the most atrocious human behavior is in the name of Islam . Civilized countries have worked very hard for decades for the equal rights of women and for women to be treated like people , not cattle , and I will not stand for Muslims coming to our country and perpetuating their misogynistic , Neanderthal , ignorant customs and ideas in our own back yards . Including the neanderthal Burqa . As with many of the so called Muslim hadiths , it does not say anything about wearing a Burqa per se in the Qaran .

Every free country Muslims immigrate to , they cause problems . They don’t assimilate into the culture , they argue and fight for their religion constantly , yet they have no tolerance for any other religions . If you want to see what has happened in other countries , you only need to read the news in England , France , Germany , Australia etc. and now it is starting to happen in Canada .

In North America , religion has had to adapt to modern times , to be meaningful for a much more educated , civilized , modern society . People take from religion the things that make sense to them , and ignore the parts that are no longer meaningful . That is why a lot of people choose to worship by themselves rather than listen to organized religion where clerics often interpret scripture according to their own agendas . Nowhere is this more intrusive than Islam with endless and often primitive interpretations of the Qaran , meant for extreme , non-sensical agendas .

Thank you very much .

Rcvd Email From Mary Brown’s : December 23 , 2014

Dear Allan :

We appreciate you reaching out to us and sharing your perspectives. We take all of our messaging and the choices we make that relate to our brand very seriously, and in doing so, we are very respectful of the diversity of the Canadian population. The stores that offer Halal food are those that cater to a majority preference, but they do offer the same menu quality and consistency of all of our other stores. We hope that you will find a non-halal store close to your home or office. Please consult our web site ( which will indicate Halal stores, or feel free to reach out to me so that I may assist you in finding a non-Halal store. Regards, Mark Hull , Mary Browns .


Sent Email to Mary Brown’s : December 23 , 2014

Hello . Mark Hull .

I don’t know that you understand my letter . I won’t be looking for a Non-Halal Mary Browns restaurant . I will not ever be going to a Mary Browns again . I am mostly a vegetarian but I don’t expect anyone to not eat meat around me just because of my choice . That is the Canadian way . Every complaint of Muslims boils down to their religious rights . No other culture comes to Canada and expects or gets exclusivity . You could never ever ever go to a Muslim country and expect them to bow to your religion . They don’t even respect each other as Muslims . Whether you are aware of it or not , your kowtowing to a Muslim will has far greater implications than just offering someone Halal food . The people in that part of the world have been fighting with each other and every one else in the world since I was born . As long as I could look at it from afar , it was tolerable only because it was nowhere near my beloved Canada . Now those people are on my doorstep and their intolerance of everyone and everybody is rearing its ugly head in my country . The freedoms I take for granted as a Canadian are quickly eroding away . Our healthcare system is crumbling , our social systems are burdened to the max , our freedoms are being challenged by outsiders who are using our very tolerance to impose themselves on our country . Coming to Canada and assimilating is one thing . Wearing a burqa over your head is quite another . That is an affront to every womans rights in this country . And it is an insult to every Canadians idea of freedom , not oppression . If you want a glaring example of the trouble we already have in Canada , just take a look at the Aboriginal situation in this country . Rather than taking part in our society , Canadians gave them special status and it has been nothing but trouble and disaster .. People often mistake racism for resentment . Aboriginal people can hang onto their culture , but when 50 % of them are on welfare , self – government simply means nepotism , and business means casinos that allow people to smoke , and selling illicit contraband cigarettes . That is why Canadians are fed up .

The same thing will and is already happening with Muslims . Tolerating something is not the same as accepting it . When Muslims bring their antiquated , Neanderthal religious interpretations of God to a civilized country the outcome is always the same . As I said in my previous letter to you , you only need to look at England , France , Germany , Australia , and any other number of countries who are having tremendous problems with the Muslims in their countries .

There is a huge difference between offering a Halal choice at your restaurant , but 100% is entirely different . And you will grow to regret that decision . Every country has a dominant culture and religion . Canada’s dominant religion is Christianity . Every religion has its faults , but the freedoms that exist in Canada and the United States and England , and Australia , etc would never have come about under Muslim law . By you making the choice you have made is an insult and an affront to the ideas and freedoms that even make their coming here possible .

Quite frankly , religion and food have no reason to be together . A bag of potato chips is not healthy just because it is Halal , and neither is fried chicken , for that matter . That is just bullshit . And if you believe it , you are primitive . Sorry , but sad to say .

This is one of the most disturbing things I have heard of , Halal fast food , in the name of Allah . Blasphemy . I have read many letters calling for the boycott of Mary Browns , and in fact that is where I heard of it . I will certainly tell everyone I know about it and I will blog about it as much as I can .

Thank You .


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