Edmonton Transit Buses and GPS / 311 Trip Planning

I recently got on the bus and was horrified to find out that ETS has hooked up the buses to a GPS system that broadcasts throughout the bus . Every block or two you get the address . Every time someone presses the STOP REQUESTED button , the system says simply that . ” STOP REQUESTED ” . It is so annoying . The bus was one of the last places you could get on and think about and plan your day , or daydream or whatever . Sure . There is noise from fellow travelers , but it is not the same repetitive phrases ad nauseum . This might ? be helpful for a blind person , but I doubt if it is at all necessary for the majority of the population . If there are no blind people on the bus , does it not make sense to just post it over the LED sign up at the front of the bus . Are we becoming so dumb as a society that people need this kind of moronic prompting to get off a bus . When the bus is full of people , the sound just becomes a muffled bunch of garble over the din of the passengers . The only way to tolerate such moronic noise pollution is to tune it out , which means that the desired outcome is exactly the opposite of its intention . Its highly probable that the person who needs to hear it will either have already tuned it out , or they won’t hear it over the din of the passengers . This is easily one of the worst examples I have ever come across of badly applied technology . Couldn’t this money be better spent on proper trip planning and buses that actually connect with each other . I took the LRT from Clareview Transit Center to the Coliseum Transit Centre . The moment the LRT pulled into the station , the number 5 bus that I needed pulled out of the Center . That makes no sense to me .

Numerous times I have phoned the trip planner and been given information that was definitely not my best choices . Nor were any alternatives given . The problem with phoning 311 is that the person just punches in the information and robotically reads it to you . When you call there is no common sense or bus experience for someone to give you the better information . Many of the people sound young , 20’s or 30’s and they quite possibly don’t even take the bus themselves .

Where I live , there is a bus stop at 137th Avenue and 38 street ,which is half a block away from me . I can catch a # 10 bus there which goes to the LRT Clareview Station . When this bus reaches the LRT Station , it becomes a number # 11 going to Northgate , which is where I want to go . However , when I phone the 311 Trip Planner , they tell me to walk 4 blocks to 137th avenue and 42 street . The first time I received this information I walked to the 42nd street bus stop in – 20 weather the morning of the major snowfall this winter . After realizing it was not the right information , I took the # 10 from my closest bus stop to the Clareview LRT station where I was told to catch the # 187 or the # 11 to Northgate . I just happened to ask the bus driver where I could catch the # 11 and he told me that he was now the # 11 . I called about trip planning for this route to Northgate numerous times and none of people at 311 ever mentioned the # 10 # 11 . And there is nothing in the brochures for the # 10 or the # 11 that mentions that the # 10 becomes the # 11 .

I have made a complaint to the 311 ETS number about the # 10 and # 11 schedules and lack of information thereof . But I doubt that anything will come of it . I am 60 years old . I have never once been called back from ETS regarding a complaint . And nothing ever seems to be done about anything .


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