50 Years of Muslims Fighting

When I was about 10 years old in 1965 there was something my teacher called the Middle East Crisis . She made it sound as if the world was about to end . We had bomb drills where we had to crawl underneath our desks in the event of an attack . I certainly never forgot about this event , but over the next 48 years I watched the never ending fighting , terrorism , and primitive actions of peoples in the Middle East . However , as long as they were over there , squabbling amongst themselves , I didn’t care that much about what they did . It was disturbing but it was not on my doorstep . Although there was the never ending complaints about the West , I don’t consider those valid . They may have some merit , but the peoples of the Middle East have shown they can’t get along with themselves , let alone anyone else .

However , now all of these Muslim peoples are coming to Canada and it is in my backyard , and now I am upset . It is one thing for someone to come to Canada and blend in with Canadian customs and ways , but that is not what is happening . There is a great site on Facebook called ” Ban the Burqa ” from Australia and I urge anyone concerned about these issues to check out this site . It is very informative , often very funny , and maybe sometimes over the edge , but the issues are very real . If you want to see what could happen in Canada , check out what has already happened and is happening in other civilized countries of the world , where large numbers of Muslims have immigrated to .

I was looking at the ” Ban The Burqa ” site and I saw a news article about police dogs and Muslims . Apparently , in England , they use police dogs on the subway to sniff for terrorists and the Muslims are upset because they consider the saliva from dogs to be dirty and spiritually unclean . Like a lot of scripture and doctrines or hadiths of the Muslim faith there seems to be all sorts of confusion regarding dogs . Supposedly if you come into contact with a dog’s saliva or wet fur you must wash seven times , one of which must be with dirt . Some say the first wash should be with dirt , others say the last wash should be with dirt . This is almost like a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder . This is not in the Quran but is a hadith . To me , this one issue illustrates why this is one screwed up religion . Any religion that requires someone to wash seven times is ridiculous . I have never heard of anyone getting sick from contact with a pet dog or cat in my lifetime .And what reason would you have for washing seven times , including once with dirt . Even when doing some nasty chore that involves poop like with a baby or animal , I have never felt the need to wash seven times and certainly not with dirt . This is just the kind of example that illustrates the turmoil regarding this religion .

If you have a problem with dogs , why would you immigrate to countries like Canada , Britain , the United States , Australia etc. , when these cultures revere dogs almost on the level of human beings . I am sure that almost anyone who has had a relationship with a dog especially or a cat has had their life enriched immensely . These animals help people develop compassion and sympathy for all living beings . It has been mentioned on other sites that maybe these Muslim people would get along better if they had a pet dog so they would develop the compassion that they could live with other people . You can have so much fun playing with a dog or a cat , not too mention the exchange of love between an animal and a human being . In terms of pets , there is no other animal , more faithful , more loving , more fun , than a dog .

The Muslim faith apparently does allow pets of other kinds , including cats but not dogs . However , again this is not based on any science . Cats spend a lot of time sniffing and smelling each others assholes , they get shit on their paws and claws and they play and eat mice and birds , both of which are often filthy . A cat is considered clean to the Islamic faith , because it grooms itself . So , I guess when it licks it’s butt and private parts and eats a mouse , it’s ok .

I have heard Muslims criticize westerners for the money they spend on pets , condemning them for wasting money that they should be spending on humans . This is from countries where most of the population is poor , starving and destitute . Yet they spend most everything they have on weapons and fighting . Why can’t you just go to work , come home , have a BBQ , and enjoy your family and your life . Muslims are constantly talking of Islam , the religion of ” peace ” . Yet their countries are always in endless turmoil .

Now we have this terrorism in France . Cartoons are usually not far from the truth and they often expose the hypocrisy of something . Muslims want to come to our countries , and enjoy the freedoms of our countries , but free speech ends when it comes to talking about them . If you want free speech you have to accept that someone may have something to say that you do not agree with or like . But that is exactly what free speech is . I have been watching news footage of protests in middle eastern countries denouncing Christians and the West for 50 years . It doesn’t make me feel like going out and killing someone .

Then there is the issue of adultery and the stoning to death of women as a penalty . Do you not think that a thirteen year old girl might be disgusted by having to marry and have sex with a thirty or forty year old hairy slimy old man ( that is probably how she would see him ) and that adultery is a real possibility for the woman . And how do you have equal partners when one person is thirty and the other is thirteen . There has to be something wrong with you mentally or emotionally as a man if you are relating to a thirteen year old girl . That is sick and that is why we have laws in this country so those things do not happen hopefully .

And how can you call your religion a religion of peace when at every turn you want to stone and kill someone .

I read that in many Muslim countries , they put to death people they suspect of being homosexual , including anyone who might simply have effeminate mannerisms . One article even said of Muslims seeking out homosexuals and gluing their anus shut so they die of diarrhea and toxicity . That is one of the sickest things I have ever heard of . You are one sick motherf##ker if you think you have the right to do that under the guise of your religion .

I urge everyone in the civilized countries to start taking notice what is happening in your country . The same things that are happening in England , France , Germany , and Australia will happen here in Canada , especially . We are letting far too many Muslims into Canada , without the scrutiny that is necessary . And they are using the very things that make this country great to pollute it , and all the other countries with their primitive and Neanderthal thoughts . We are beginning to have political , social , and religious problems in Canada that are endemic in these other countries already .

The more you read , the more alarmed you will become about what is happening . This is not just some conspiracy theory . This is the real deal .


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