Halal ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

There is a site called the Canadian Halal Association , which I believe is an adjunct site to one in Chicago , U.S.A. . They appear to be maintained by the same person . It is a site where you can go and ask if an item is Halal , and they will try and answer it , or the question may have already been asked by a previous person .

It is an absolute nightmare . A lot of the questions are if a certain brand name product is Halal or not . Many of the questions are regarding junk food or fast food . Honestly , if you are going to eat junk food , what difference does it make . It would be far better to be searching for healthful , nutritious food .

Many of the questions get answered with a ” I have no information on that ” .

A lot of the answers consist of asking if it has a Kosher symbol , then it might be Halal . Aren’t a lot of Muslims Jew haters . Yet they are looking to Jews to consider whether to eat or use something .

Soy sauce is not Halal , because it has been brewed , I guess like beer might be made . Any food with an alcohol flavor such as rum or brandy is not Kosher , even if the alcohol has been burned off . Anything with flavoring where the flavor has been extracted using alcohol is not Halal . That rules out a major amount of food products . Cheese with rennet ( an enzyme taken from pork bellies is not kosher ) . A lot of modern cheeses are made from a microbial enzyme , so that is Halal food . I guess because they really like pizza , they do not have to worry whether it is Halal cheese , so they can enjoy a guilt free pizza .

Anything with vanilla extract flavoring is not Kosher .

Nothing at Tim Hortons is Kosher , except 100 % coffee .

Pepsi is Halal , but Coca-Cola is not .

Nothing with wine or alcohol .

Ensure , a nutritional supplemental drink , used by Health Care , is not Halal .

Most sausages , salami , kobasa are not Halal because the tubes are from pigs .

Brewers yeast , a highly nutritional food supplement is not Halal , because it is a by-product of brewing beer .

Many vitamins are not Halal , because the gelatin is from pigs .

In the case of cosmetics , nothing from beetles or other insects , which are sometimes components of cosmetics , unless it is locusts .

In England , a butcher sold Muslims pork instead of beef for 3 years until there was a scandal . Come on . Are you telling me they could not tell the difference . I have been a vegetarian all my life . Occasionally I eat chicken , turkey , fish , as a treat when I eat out at a restaurant , or a meal at a friends or family members house . If there is only red meat ( beef or pork ) I will eat that out of respect for my friends and family . I know it is not going to hurt me . Even though I have only had red meat rarely in the last 40 years , I can tell you what is pork and what is beef . They don’t look or taste the same at all , and when you cook , they do not work the same in certain recipes . The spices to cook or eat pork are not the same as for beef . And if you made a recipe , they would not taste the same . How could you be duped for 3 years .

The lists go on and on . It is so complicated , and beyond common sense . I doubt if your average Muslim could make sense of any of it . It’s yet another ridiculous way for a Muslim to control the rest of their coven .


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