Here’s What Happens When Muslims Grow Beards or Wear Burqas in China .

Here’s What Happens When Muslims Grow Beards Or Wear Burkas In China

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Dom the Conservative

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Unlike most Western countries, China has learned that Islam is not simply a misunderstood religion; it is a dangerous political ideology disguised as a world faith. Although China is home to more than 23 million Muslims, they have found effective ways to deal with the cancer that plagues their nation.

Although regions throughout China have taken measures to limit Islamic propaganda such as outlawing public prayer, religious texts in places of business, and even ringtones with religious undertones, authorities have found that the 1.8 percent Muslim minority is still threatening the physical and mental well-being of their citizens.

After a recent ban on the burka, beard, and other Islamic garb and identification, China has been able to crack down on Muhammadan requirements that pose security threats to the public.

Because of this legislation, Muslims are finding they must choose between following Islam or assimilating into another culture and respecting the law they reside under, something that no true Islamist is able to do.

According to The Straits Times, a Chinese court in Xinjiang has sentenced a 38-year-old man to 6 years in prison for growing an Islamic beard.

The court expressed that the Muslim man was guilty of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” by growing the illegal facial hair in compliance with Islam, a local paper reported Sunday.

Express Tribune reports that the man’s wife received a sentence of 2 years for wearing a veil that hid her face and a burka.

China has also shown a zero-tolerance policy for Muslim jihadists, executing terrorists en masse as a response to the Turkish-speaking Muslim Uighurs that have refused to assimilate, using violence against innocent civilians as a protest against government.

China understands that zealous extremism expressed in Islam can only be watered down by cutting Muslims off from their cultural abnormalities and forcing them to abide by local law. Although this isn’t a solution for the inherent violence passed down by Islamists since the time of Muhammad, it is relief for civilians who are often forced to appease Muslim demands by force.

China seems to quickly be leaning towards the only answer to ridding your country of Islamic terror, which is disallowing Muslims from immigrating across the borders and deporting Muslims from within. However, until they reach that necessity to prevent their nation from falling to the even more brutal Sharia law, they have taken some good starting measures.

Regardless of your idea of religious freedom, tolerance, or free speech, Islam has no respect for any of these ideas. While the politically correct could argue that limiting freedoms of any particular group is a tangled web that leads to the infringement of freedom for others, without this, there will be no freedom for any other group. Islam uses freedom to destroy freedom and that is a dangerous intolerance that absolutely cannot be tolerated.

H/T [The Religion of Peace]


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