Questions to Ask Halal Certification Supporters

Boycott Halal Certification in Australia
Questions to ask halal certification supporters

1. What makes you think that an animal killed in a savage way by a Muslim is more “clean, green and fresh” than an animal slaughtered in accordance with humane principles by a non-Muslim?

2. Did Muslims go hungry before halal certification was invented? How do you think we exported meat and other products to Islamic countries before the invention of halal certification rackets?

3. Have you actually read the Koran and spoken to a non-Muslim scholar of Islam to understand what the actual requirements for halal meat are in accordance with Islamic highest authority; or do you believe what the racketeers and their side-kicks tell you?

4. Has it not occured to you that many North Asian countries, in particular China, view Islamic impositions like halal certification with suspicion and rather buy products which do not come from an islamified source with the jihad surcharge?

5. How much do you know of the civil wars led by Islamic terrorist gangs in the Western provinces of China, in southern Thailand, in the southern provinces of the Philippines and in Burma?

6. Do you not think it is highly discriminatory and a violation of Commonwealth Law that non-Muslims and female Australians can no longer work in a number of positions in most Australian abattoirs?

7. As to your flawed comparision of halal certification with the ‘Heart Tick’: Has it not occured to you that each of us has a heart, but not everyone believes in Islamic hokuspokus or financing jihad with our shopping dollars?


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