Message to all Moslems

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Message to all moslems
March 12, 2015 by infidelboss Leave a comment

You are victims. Victims of a cruel hoax that has been played on you by a master deceiver…Mohammed. He was no “perfect man”. He was a liar. A thief. A megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. A pedophile. A mass murderer. A scheming gold digger.

Mohammed married his first wife, Khadija, to enrich himself. Mohammed’s family business was religion, and their business was to fleece the losers, the stupid, and the gullible of every cent they could with promises of riches and a better life….after death…all based on nothing more than their own grasping greed. Mohammed took that idea and built his own religion on it to further his own lust for power, wealth and sex.

Even though it was common in his day to marry very young girls, it was frowned upon in civilized nations….however, the Arabs were barely civilized. They used marriage as a way to maintain their wealth and to satisfy their lusts. The age of a girl was immaterial. They were a commodity to be traded and used. This continues even today…women are regarded as chattels, not as life partners and equals.
Leave Islam or leave our nations

Leave Islam or leave our nations

But even you moslems are human beings and therefore you can change….it’s harder for you though. So many of you are frightened by the rules and the punishments that are part of islam. Sharia law is harsh and unforgiving. There is no love or mercy in islam. Either you obey the rules or you face terrible punishment.

Those of you who have come to Australia are lucky, though. Here, you have the protection of our laws…if you are willing to accept that protection.

If not, you are in grave danger. Your fellow moslems are your worst enemy. And as islam continues to grow ever more sadistic and murderous we Westerners are hardening our hearts to you too.

You can change this. You need to be strong and resist the fear. If you will leave islam and commit to becoming true Australians, willing to live as we do, obey our laws, and learn to love your fellow man, and be happy, we will welcome you with open arms. We have made this offer before and it still stands. Leave islam, and we here at Restore Australia will help you all we can to ‘disappear’ from islam and gain a new life.

We have plenty of people willing to help you. But YOU have to take the first step. You can contact us at

If you ignore this offer you face a lifetime of fear and subjugation. Is that really how you want to live?

It’s up to you to change your life. Leave islam, or leave our nation. That is your choice, because as islam tries to impose its nasty ideology on us, there is a grave danger that we Aussies will turn on you. Cronulla was nothing. If there is another atrocity on our soil I keep hearing from a lot of Aussies that they are already angry. It will only take one spark to ignite a terrible vengeance.

So I appeal to all moslems. Consider what we offer. You left your homelands to come here for a better life. Why stay tied to an ideology that is determined to impose the same rotten system here as you fled?

Leave islam, and step into the light. We are waiting for you.

Love to you all.


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