Multicultural Values , not British Culture

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February 3, 2015
Thanks to Lib/Lab/Con Policies, Local Lancashire Schools Choose to Promote “Multicultural Values, Not British Culture” 0

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foreword by West Lancashire’s UKIP parliamentary candidate, Jack Sen

Dear friends,

What would happen if the Britons living and working in China, Dubai or Israel decided that they wanted to impose their culture on the locals?

My guess is the Chinese, Emiratis and Israelis would be none too happy…

Personally, I know if I decided to move to any of these nations with work that I would abide by their rules. If I had a moral objection to their laws, which I in fact do, I would probably CHOOSE not to move there.

I know I certainly wouldn’t join hands with Mid East and Chinese liberals (are there any?) and demand they hold a special day to celebrate my Christian beliefs.

Labour’s dressing up their desire to change our country, as an embrace of different cultures-grabbing millions of votes while they’re at it, is as disingenuous as saying the Labour Party still care about the labour force.

But that is precisely what is happening in England, Western Europe and across the western world, where extremist groups have been able to set up segregated schools, camps and worse, by cosying up to ruling Leftist parties.

In London there are now so-called Sharia police, even Orthodox Jewish and Far Left groups like Beyond UKIP, patrolling the streets ensuring non-British values and practices are adhered to. Our police; sadly impacted by the sort of trickle down political correctness reeking havoc across our nation, enable these 21st century posses to prevent local people from walking their dogs in the park, having a drink outside their homes on a Saturday night, even singing and dancing publicly.

Anyone that objects to the teaching of homosexuality to four year olds, lewd public sexual acts orchestrated by vile extremist exhibitionists like BU’s Dan Glass, are literally attacked, as Mr Farage was while sitting with his family in Kent just this past week!

In Britain, as is the case across the West, it’s our Labour party that’s complicit in what has been described as the wholesale decimation of British values, culture and tradition.

It’s why if we continue to elect Lib/Lab/Con candidates we WILL be seeing homosexual education pushed on our four and five year olds, as well as mandatory Hijab days being enforced in ALL of our schools.

That’s why what’s taken place at several primary schools in southern Lancashire-detailed in the following story, is so troubling. UKIP MUslims scarf My elucidating this has nothing to do with my holding any anti-Islamic sentiment whatsoever-something that has been suggested by elements of the media that have taken an interest in my campaign have implied-I don’t.

There are plenty of good Muslim citizens, however as is always the case when one starts catering to every demand, the extremist element in populations start rearing their ugly heads; something ideologues in the Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties relish.

This disingenuous strategy; one I often discuss during street canvassing on trips to Skelmersdale, Ormskirk and around West Lancs, uses minority groups to divide our society, resulting in minorities feeling more distant, and the majority feeling disenfranchised.

And before you think I am playing populist politics and fear mongering, I’d like to assure you that I am not.

I merely want to protect my beloved homeland and point out what I see as the beginning of what’s to come if we continue to elect Lib/Lab/Con politicians into government. It’s also why I am standing for parliament.

If you think these issues are far removed from West Lancs, I’d ask you to look at the evidence.

Locally, West Lancs Labour MP Rosie Cooper (Labour MP, West Lancs) has already been in the news countless times for promoting ‘diversity training’ and local school programs that show bias against British students. Just Google Rosie Cooper to find a whole slew of scandalous behaviour covered by the Daily Mail, Telegraph and our region’s patriotic local bloggers the local press have all but ignored.

From supporting legislation that punishes British schoolchildren for being …..British, to supporting forced multicultural and alternative lifestyles reprogramming in our public schools-to children as young as four no less, Labour’s Rosie Cooper supports pretty much all of Red Ed’s Leftist aims. (Note-Cooper has removed the link but the Google article description is easily found)

And for those thinking; there goes another RACIST UKIP candidate, I’d request that you ask yourselves objectively, if it’s racist to want to preserve the nation many of my/our ancestors died defending, or right that a small number of extremists impose their will on our nation.

It’s not, and that is why I am doing so.

Although it is upsetting when the media brand you a racist, I feel some genuine consolation knowing it means they can’t rebut my argument with anything worthwhile and have had to resort to name calling.

And, based on the conversations I have had on days out in Preston, many moderate Islamic people agree with my assertion that it’s wrong to weaken the host nation’s culture for the sake of appeasing extremists in both government and on the ground.

I’d like to believe that decent moderate people of all backgrounds recognise that what’s transpiring in this nation is wrong. Think Rotherham.

I also wonder, as Mr Farage has pointed out, if allowing segregated schools that push extreme ideology encourages assimilation, or exacerbates a problem most of us are afraid to discuss?

I’m not here to pass judgement as I myself have a fair bit of non-English ancestry in me, as my family is in fact English, Irish, Scottish, South African and Indian.

I just know that I would never demand that my great grandparents Hindu and Boer cultures be forced on Britain. That would be blatantly disrespectful to my beloved Britain, and I’d stand up to them if they were so bold.

I’m personally of the opinion that the imposition of foreign culture on a unicultural nation, encourages segregation; and as Mr Farage referenced, ‘the development of ghettos’ and societal discord.

Sadly, that’s not how the elite ruling our country view our shared culture.

Left wing ideologues like Ed Milliband believe that for our society to move forward, we need to replace centuries old British uniculturalism with 21st century, society wrecking multiculturalism.

And promoting the idea of a shared British uniculturalism doesn’t mean we cant be accepting of difference, it just means that in order for us to move forward as a nation, and for people to assimilate, we need to instil British values in all.

What the following Lancashire Telegraph story tells me is that we are at a crossroads as a nation.

The fact that the Labour Party’s Rosie Cooper pushed legislation that rewarded non-English school children by penalising British kids should tell all of us, it is time for a REAL change.

The Lib/Lab/Con regime-the people responsible for eroding our values, have done Britain a great deal of harm and it is high time we do something as a people to rectify it. Through the power and efficacy of the democratic process, come May 7th, it will be possible for us to tell our government to pack its bags.

Our politicians have betrayed us for TOO long and need to be sent the message that enough is enough.

Notes – Britain is a unicultural; not to be confused with uni-racial, nation, and I will fight to see it stays that way. People that move here legally should be required to fully assimilate and embrace Britain as my great grandparents on my dad’s side did.

My granddad on my mother’s side supported Labour until he realised their remaining in power was hurting the country. He is the reason I am standing as a ppc for West Lancs.

Yours sincerely,

UKIP Parliamentary candidate for West Lancs, Jack Sen
At the Southport shop with Gordon and Anne Ferguson

Celebratory Lancashire Telegraph story

LANCASHIRE students and teachers celebrated the Muslim way of life when they wore headscarves for a day.

Pleckgate High School marked World Hijab Day yesterday – an international movement designed to promote community cohesion. hijab lancashire islam day

The movement was set up by New York resident Nazma Khan, who came up with the idea as a means to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting both Muslim and non-Muslim women to experience the hijab for one day.

It takes place every year on February 1.

While just under five percent of Britain’s 63 million population are Muslim, there are no official numbers on how many women wear a headscarf or head veil, known as the hijab, but anecdotally the number of women who choose to cover their hair is growing.

Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “Muslim women are becoming more conscious of their faith and are adhering to the hijab more and more.

“Now I think it’s increasingly happening. In every household if there are three women, at least one will be wearing it.“I think because of the internet age women are becoming more concious. They want to know who they are, and about their faith.”

Muslim women are required to observe the hijab in front of any man they could theoretically marry.

Mr Qureshi said the Koran tells women to dress modestly, and cover their chest and head.

He said: “People choose. Some people don’t wear it. It’s not a sinful act not to wear it but it’s a Koranic instruction, so you can’t defy it either.”

Muslim and non-Muslim staff and students took part in the day at Pleckgate, organised by RE teacher Shahiesta Raja.

She said: “It went really, really well. Lots of members of staff wore it, Muslim and quite a few non-Muslim girls as well.“It helps them to understand how it must feel for a Muslim woman on a daily basis, and to respect why they wear it, and that they make a choice to wear it.”

Pendle’s prospective parliamentary candidate Azhar Ali said: “World Hijab Day is done across the world, in different countries, and there’s no compulsion in this.

“It gives people a different perspective and I think anything that brings people together is a good thing.”

US First Lady Michelle Obama came under fire recently for choosing not to cover her hair on a visit to Saudi Arabia. Blackburn Councillor Salim Mulla said: “In my opinion she should have conformed to the values and the principles of the country and should have worn a scarf. It would have shown respect to the Muslim community.”

But Blackburn MP Jack Straw said her decision was ‘a matter between the US protocol department and the Saudis’.”

He added that he supported women who choose to wear a hijab.

He said: “I’m happy for people to wear the headscarf.

“I absolutely respect their right to do so.”

My Comments

Wearing a headscarf for a day proves nothing if you are not Muslim . It is a pointless exercise that is yet another way for Muslims to worm their way into our society , and not in a good way . Did this school point out the negative aspects of a Hijab and its implications of women as property , under a man ?


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