Muslims killing thousands of Dogs with Absolutely Sick Method

This was taken from Mad World News

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Dom the Conservative

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[Graphic] Muslims Killing Thousands Of Dogs With Absolutely Sick Method

A recently leaked video out of one of the most Islamic nations has sent a shockwave through the world, but it’s disturbing content isn’t for the faint hearted.

Just as the Quran instructs Muslims to “be harsh towards unbelievers,” how could we non-Muslims expect them to be any differently towards other living creatures? This question is quickly and brutally answered in Islamic culture, history, and law against man’s best friend.

The inhumane treatment and slaughter of dogs in Shiraz, Iraq is so disturbing that even local citizens have expressed discontent with the vicious extermination of stray “street animals.”

According to The Oslo Times, contractors have been hired by the Iraqi government to get rid of stray dogs and puppies with the help of lethal injections. The problem is that these shots are a simple acid concoction that leads to an extremely painful and slow death.

Heart wrenching footage shows the dogs screaming in agony as they are slowly burned away from the inside out.

The savage project was launched on April 12, beginning in the Fars Province of Iran, eye witnesses say.

Animal rights activist Albert Ebrahimzadeh explained that the acid used on the dogs isn’t at all geared to quickly or painlessly kill the animals. In fact, it is used only because of its price: just $4 per shot.

Ebrahimzadeh revealed that the drug is an incredibly powerful toxin that decays the organs of its host before the animal dies. In other words, the dogs literally feel their insides being eaten away before they pass on.

The dogs are held down with catch poles while the executioner sneaks up behind them to administer the fatal shot.

“Its heart wrenching screams fall on deaf ears,” Ebrahimzadeh describes the scene. “The dog whimpers in pain for what seems like an eternity. A small puppy walks to the dying dog looking for comfort. His freedom does not last long as he is grabbed and injected as well.”

In Iran, typical Islamic governance of Sharia law outlaws dogs as pets, as they are considered unclean and are even believed to harbor demons. As such, many canines are often abused and tortured out of anger or delight. Just last year a bill was drawn up in Iran that will completely outlaw ownership of dogs for any reason, punishing offenders with up to 74 lashes.

This is the type of culture, behavior, and religion to which the left wants us to embrace and conform. Not only can even the most simplistic Islamic fundamentals not mesh with democracy, even the most helpless of creatures cannot survive under such a backwards, medieval ideology.


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