Are the British Finally Fed Up with Muslims

This was taken from the Opinionator

May 25, 2009
Are The British Finally FED UP With Islam?

Today’s UK media have front page news articles about the “March for England” in Luton. Whereas some call it “anti-Islam” what it really is going on is the people of England have finally reached their flashpoint and are FED UP with the path their politicians have led the Country AND the Islamic invasion of their Land.

Self-serving politicians and others have forced multiculturalism down the throats of the British and we now find that multiculturalism has shown itself to be anti the indigenous culture – in fact it causes native cultural suicide. Every other culture/people, particularly muslims, take priority over the British. The British are supposed to twist into bowknots trying to appease muslims until their own culture, traditions and mores disappear as they are “offensive to muslims”. Their country is becoming Balkanized with no-go areas for non-muslims and virtually absent assimilation. Outrageous and sometime violent muslim behaviours are rewarded with more taxpayer subsidized schemes and more condescension from lawmakers and judges. Many muslims seem to want to avail themselves of British benefits but don’t want to respect the British people and culture. Muslim violence against British men, women and children is rampant and legitimized by some mullahs.

It is a misnomer to call muslim “immigrants” as clearly -through Population Jihad – they have become colonisers.

The British people are FED UP! Fed up with watching their pubs, parades, flags, holidays, school plays, children’s stories etc etc disappear and the “last straw” was watching their brave soldiers — disrespected.

We all know where FED UP! can lead……………..

As far as I’m concerned IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!

****NOTE – The below sensationalised headline reads NINE arrested – but later information finds only two were charged – one man for carrying stones in his pocket (deemed a weapon) and a woman for violating a previous anti-social behaviour order. Not exactly bomb carrying thugs – eh? LINK


Nine Arrested after masked mob’s march against muslim extremists turns violent


Which do you deem more violent?


Anti-Israel – pro Muslim Gaza – riots in London this past January – three arrests unsure if anyone charged and millions of pounds in property damage -LINK


Attacked: Protestors go for horse-backed officers in Kensington

OR THIS = “Troublemakers” in Luton “riot” = 9 arrests – 2 charged – no noted property damage

Demonstrators gathered in George Square in Luton town centre yesterday

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The Brits are just marching to take back their own county. Muslim violence and bigotry seem to have finally sparked a backlash. Good!

Luton was peaceful compared with violent islamic gatherings, London tube/bus bombings…yet in the media all I read is “thugs”, “masked mobs”…well at least Luton made the MSM albeit in negative tones.

Luton, you are brilliant for making your (hopefully the first of many) stand.

Traditional British backbone observed in Luton! May it grow and grow and spread all over your great and lovely land.

It’s about time!! What Churchill and other patriots fought for – British independence & sovereignity – continue unabated! The rising tide of anti-British islamic savagery masked in cowardly jihadist bombings, marches, and other terroristic outbreaks must be squelched! Send the jihadis to paradise – now!

Posted by: Alexander | June 03, 2009 at 01:31 PM
Peter Kerr

Muslims are little more than ignorant, violent, third-world filth unfit for civilisation.

Posted by: Peter Kerr | June 18, 2009 at 01:26 PM

It would be wonderful to see the British people take back their country and customs! However, I think it’s too late. Muslim’s populate at greater than three times that of the civilized world!

On the other hand, we, here in America, have this opportunity to learn from Europes mistakes. But having the opportunity and making the best of it are two different things. So you might say that we are as doomed as the Brits!

Posted by: Rockmelon | July 02, 2009 at 03:23 PM


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