Pamela Geller Debates Imam Saleem Slaeem Shahbaz / May 06 , 2015

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs: Islam, Jihad, Israel and the Islamic War on the West

This article was taken from regarding the shooting in Texas at the Draw Muhammad Contest .

Hannity Radio: Pamela Geller Debates Imam Saleem Shahbaz who Justified Garland Jihad Shooting
AFDI Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest Press Coverage

Tune into Sean Hannity radio today at 5pm. I am scheduled to appear with Imam Saleem Shahbaz, who said:

In an interview with the Longview News Journal, Saleem Shahbaz, imam for the Islamic Center of Longview (TX) indicated he expected violence due to the “Draw Mohammed” event and justified the actions saying the response was ‘predictable’. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Shahbaz also is quoted as saying “This is a manufactured crisis,” he said. “We’re not talking about circumstances beyond our control, this is a case of deliberate provocation. And to what end? What’s been gained, and at what cost?”

The contest was deliberately provocative? No, murdering cartoonists is deliberately provocative.

Longview imam criticizes organizers of Garland event that led to shooting deaths

As authorities in Garland continued to seek answers behind two men who opened fire on an unarmed security officer Sunday night outside a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, a Longview religious leader said “we’re asking the wrong questions.”

Saleem Shahbaz, imam for the Islamic Center of Longview, said he first heard about the contest a few months back, and feared that precisely this type of incident might occur…..
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Drummie • 16 hours ago

If the Imam feared “this” would happen, why is HE not telling his followers to lay down their arms and be peaceful. A “peaceful” religion should have no trouble doing so. But, could it be that Islam is NOT a “peaceful” religion? Christians didn’t murder anyone over a Crucifix being displayed in a bottle of urine. So why the problem with a cartoon? Get serious people. cartoons are not going to hurt any reasonable person.

wildjew Drummie • 15 hours ago

“HE not telling his followers to lay down their arms and be peaceful…”

He is a faithful (a good) Muslim.

Stay strong Pamela Geller! You’ve found a new supporter in me – and I’m a left wing liberal. Thank you for defending Free speech!

From: Gary L. Bauer

I Am Pamela

Supporters of the Islamic State posted an ominous warning last night vowing to kill Pamela Geller.

“Our aim was the [swine] Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter. . . . everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets,” the threat reads.

Many on the left, who are quick to defend flag burning as a form of “free speech,” have condemned Geller for her free speech. Sadly, some on the right, even in conservative media, have criticized her. They are wrong.

No American who chooses to exercise their First Amendment right should be blamed for violence that is done by someone else who is intolerant. Extortion is a crime. We do not give in to mob violence or terrorism.

Censoring ourselves because we fear Islamic violence is a slippery slope. In countries like France and England, Jews have been told that they can go anywhere they want. But they have been strongly discouraged from wearing anything that identifies them as Jews because it might enrage Muslims. By this flawed logic if Jews are attacked it must be their fault. No! The only person responsible is the assailant.

By the way, how did the Coptic Christians who were beheaded by ISIS offend Muslims? What did the Boston Marathon runners do that offended the Tsarnaev brothers? How about the Israeli worshippers hacked to death at a synagogue in Jerusalem?

What happened to the courage of all those marching in the streets of Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Remember the chant, “Je suis Charlie”? (I am Charlie!) Perhaps we need a new campaign: “I am Pamela!”

The War Within

There were more threats in last night’s message from ISIS. Consider this excerpt:

“We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. . . . 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday . . . Of the 15 states, 5 we will name — Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan. . . . The next six months will be interesting.”

A headline on the front page of today’s Washington Post tries to reassure us that there are “No Signs Islamic State Led Texas Plot.” Other reports clearly indicate that the Texas gunmen were in contact with ISIS fighters in Syria.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make whether they are card-carrying members of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad? Whatever group they belong to, they are all motivated to kill by the same thing: Radical Islam. And they are here.

Six Cents wildjew • 13 hours ago

Like the post. All except at the end when you wrote “Radical” Islam. No need to write radical, that’s redundant, superfluity in the extreme.

wildjew Six Cents • 13 hours ago

You are exactly right.

This (what I posted above) is Gary Bauer’s daily alert to his many supporters. Just last week I wrote Mr. Bauer the following:

‘Gary, you might consider the proposition that what you and other conservatives call radical Islam is in fact authentic or authoritative Islam; the Islam practiced by the prophet Muhammad. Consider the possibility that many millions of Muslims (while they may or may not themselves commit the kind atrocities Islamic State does, nevertheless they) sympathize with Islamic State and with other devout Muslims who are waging jihad against unbelievers, hypocrites, heretics, etc. In the event, the West might be at war (not of our choosing) with a significant proportion of the Muslim world.

‘I never bought into the notion that the September hijackers were traitors to their faith any more than I buy into the notion that ISIS represents no religion…..’

Gary responded that he has made this point in his daily report many times.

Perhaps I missed it. I am not sure what he wrote about this formulation in other daily reports. You will notice most conservatives (Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) use some variation of this radical or militant Islam formulation which (I agree with you) is misleading. Pamela calls them jihadists but as she writes, they are devout (or faithful) Muslims.

Six Cents wildjew • 13 hours ago

Yep. A muslim murdering infidels is simply following the qu’ran and hadiths and emulating the life of mohammad – as instructed. These are good and faithful servants to the faith of the moon god, allah.

The only good muslim is a dead muslim and since apparently drawing cartoons of their pedophile, charlatan, false, prophet seems to be bait to bring them out of the shadows, grab your guns, ammo and colored pencils ladies and gents!

Larenzo1 wildjew • 2 hours ago

She is correct. Islam is not a real religion or religious organization that should be protected by the 1st. amendment. It’s principal goal is to force people into submission or kill them. If the politician were honest and wanted to do the right thing it would outlaw this criminal enterprise and drive or jail its adherents.

wildjew Larenzo1 • an hour ago

The problem is, the way the First Amendment is written, the religion of Islam is protected. I doubt we could find a court in this country that would rule Islam is not a protected religion under the First Amendments “as it was crafted.”

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

Robert Spencer does not deny Islam is a religion even if it is a violent religious ideology. “Religion” does not distinguish between just and unjust, peaceful and violent religions.

Lacouray Too • 14 hours ago

“Deliberate provocation” is flying planes into buildings, bombing races, etc.
“What’s been gained …?” Your violent, foolish, (Arab superiority) racist intemperate doctrine and ALL its adherents, “moderate”, (like you), and “good”, (like the jihadis
you are defending), is out in the open for the world to witness and two cockroaches got flushed down the toilet.
“The cost” – you, your doctrine, and its adherents have already taken countless innocent lives and fully intend/ed to take more in service to your black stone so don’t attempt to blame the moohamed cartoon contest for your bloodthirstiness.
The final cost will depend on how soon you mohammedans decide to stop your shit.

Underzog wildjew • 13 hours ago

The rest of Fox news have shown themselves to be opportunists and cowards. There was Fox and Friends this morning having antisemitic and obnoxious guests trash Pamela Geller. Jeff Kuhnover says this is partly out of the fear and opportunism of Roger Aisle. Historian Kuhnover says that Roger Aisle wants to be mainstream and respectable and this sleazy, cowardly behavior may be the way to accomplish his goal.

wildjew Underzog • 13 hours ago

I must have missed that segment of Fox and Friends this morning. Do you remember the names of any of these guests? Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy showed themselves less than stellar the other morning when they interviewed Pamela.

Underzog wildjew • 9 hours ago

There was Franklin Graham for one who claimed the nonsense that Islam should have been respected more and also, the guy who shot Bin Laden said it was too provocative. Maybe that Navy Seal wanted Pam to go and give her two would be killers and Islamic burial as they gave bin Laden. Fox made sure to pick guests who would bash Pamela Geller, that is for sure. I can’t stand that station anymore.

Gershon • 12 hours ago

The Moslems are not held to any moral standard of behavior–so like immature entitlement throwbacks they blame. YOU provoked me!!! They do the same when raping or when beating their wives. YOU provoked me!!!

Interested Observer • 12 hours ago

The best thing to come from all this is exposing these scumbags, making them easier to find & send back the rock they crawled out from under. Do it now before any more cartoonists or civilized people are killed for jihad.

Larenzo1 • 2 hours ago

*I am fed up with cowards like Trump. He is all Trumped UP. and even Bill O seemed cowardly about this that surprised me. Kelly and Greta seemed to at least understand what Pam was doing. Geller has more courage than all the media snipes combined and I forget MacCallum’s first name the blonde coward bimbo will never watch her again. She should support someone with the guts to stand up and support women. What a moral coward these people are. Kudos to Hannity.

RCCA • 16 hours ago

I commend your courage and awesome fortitude. But I’m somewhat troubled by this latest development. I’ve been loyal to you for a long time, despite occasional disagreements, because I think the issue of Islam as a religion has to be discussed. The good, the bad, the ugly has to be examined openly and honestly if Islam is going to integrate into the modern world and into the West in particular. That’s not happening as far as I can see because of “Political Correctness” and because of innate defensiveness of Muslims. That’s why I believe Atlas and Jihadwatch and others are vitally important, because you address the Islamic doctrines which are unknown by the general public and denied by dishonest apologists.

My problem with all this “controversy” is that the conversation never gets past the controversy. Maybe that’s the product of our superficial media or the conversation is poorly structured to begin with. It’s like, “What do you say after Hello?” Where do you go after you have attracted so many people’s attention? Pamela Geller is provocative, PG was shot at, PG is being threatened… she deserves it, no she doesn’t…. Free speech is important but we shouldn’t be offensive intentionally… Is that really the point? I don’t think so. This work is not about PG risking her life (Gd forbid) but about educating the public about Islam and educating Muslims about why they need to reform Islam. I obviously distance myself from the other commenters here.

Also I wish there was some update on the condition of the officer who was shot.

Mr Paul Middleton RCCA • 15 hours ago

Islam is beyond reform because Muslims—who attempt to modernize and reform its unremitting bigotry, irrational rituals and cruel and draconian punitive measures—are targeted by the majority of other Muslims for annihilation. Islam would target you too for suggesting it, if it could…
Beagle RCCA • 10 hours ago

The officer was treated and released. Apparently he will be fine.

Of course most media will not address any of the substantive issues surrounding Islam. They have been pushing a lie for decades. They will continue to double down until it is too late.

we’re all equal RCCA • 14 hours ago

This is America – here we have freedom of speech, period. That doesn’t mean freedom of speech only if you me or anyone else likes it. If you want to live in this country then its too bad if you don’t like what people say – you can always leave go live in a country with Shariah law. Its absolute NUTS that these idiots think they have the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us.
Rick Smith we’re all equal • 12 hours ago

And wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world actually knew the scary truth, that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of Muslims want to live under full barbaric Sharia Law, including, the murder of apostates, burying adulterers in the ground and throwing rocks at their heads until the die a horrific death, chopping off limbs for those who steal bread…etc….etc. That’s what the enemy media calls the tiny minority of extremists.
Kenneth Masters Rick Smith • 9 hours ago

That’s one of the big lies; that the ratio of decent pluralistic(or at least live and let live ) Muslims to the bad ones is backwards in the main stream media. If you add in all those who rather not say to those who are open jehadis the numbers are lopsided to the bad.
IzlamIsTyranny RCCA • 15 hours ago

Gee, when being gay, Jewish, a non-muslim or criticising pi$$slam is offensive to musswein that doesn’t leave much wiggle room to NOT be offensive. What’s the definition of someone who wants to be inoffensive to musswein? A dhimmi, or perhaps a slave although there’s not that much difference between the two.
RCCA IzlamIsTyranny • 15 hours ago

Speaking as someone who is “twice blessed” I agree.

m Si RCCA • 16 hours ago

I keep trying to down vote this but it won’t let me. If I could, I would down vote it a million times. You miss the whole point of free speech and extreme cost of the word free. If freedom was simple and easy it would be omnipresent and its scarcity shows just how rare and precious it is. If it wasn’t for radical, controversial ideas, we the United States of America wouldn’t exist; our founding documents were radical and the writers were “rebels.” We have a long history of offending people in this country and it should be honored; the fact that you think you should distance yourself from speech that offends is offensive to our great country. We should, as I do, celebrate offensive speech even if I disagree with it.


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