Whether Halal Certification funds Terrorism / May 07 , 2015

whether halal certification

Our politicians need to be made to understand this. They have attempted to control the dialogue about Halal Certification, making it a matter of whether or not Halal money funds terrorism. This is a deliberate smokescreen. I object to ANY form of funding for islam. It is not just terrorism that bugs me. Women being forced to wear death shrouds bugs me. Little girls having their clitorises cut off bugs me. Hate preachers bug me. Polygamy bugs me. Psychoses about PORK and BACON bug me. Endless agitating for SHARIA law bugs me. Not just terrorism. Everything about islam makes me feel sick, and I refuse to fund it, at all, ever. I will not buy any brand or product with Halal Certification. I will NOT support funding islam.


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