Halal Certified Water / June 06 , 2015

Boycott Halal
June 06 , 2015

If you thought “halal” was just about the way an animal is killed – think again!
You don’t really need much more evidence to prove that religious certification is a total scam when companies are paying to certify the (self proclaimed) “purest rainwater on the planet”
We must question what religious certification actually is; making money from certifying the processes and materials involved in producing the product – or certifying the products contained within. In this case it must be the former given the fact the bottle contains the “purest rainwater on the planet” and therefore by default must be halal (and kosher too).
Which goes to prove what a monumental scam religious certification is, nothing more than religious extortion whose aim is to certify every aspect of food and drink production to help expand its own religious extremism!

Boycott Halal’s photo.


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