Islamic Scriptures should be put up in Sheffield Suburb to tackle Muslim Yobs / June 11 , 2015

This is from ‘ The Star ‘
Islamic scriptures ‘should be put up in Sheffield suburb to tackle yobs’
Anti social behaviour in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield. Youths on the corner of Staveley Road, Fieldhead Road, and the corner of Abbeydale Road.

Alex Evans
14:39Wednesday 10 June 2015

Scriptures which remind young Muslims of Islamic teachings should be installed in Sheffield to cut anti-social behaviour, it has been suggested.

Youngsters as young as 13 – known as the ‘Top Corner Boys’ – have been terrorising residents in Nether Edge by committing crimes including threatening people with knives and serious assaults.
Anti social behaviour in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield. A general view of Glover Road.
Anti social behaviour in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield. A general view of Glover Road.

And Coun Nikki Bond, Sheffield Council Labour member for Nether Edge, has warned there could be a spike in bad behaviour when the Muslim period of Ramadan starts later this month.

She said: “We have Ramadan coming up and, going by the past couple of years, we expect there might be a rise in anti-social behaviour.

“Some people ponder if it might be something to do with an increase in religious activity around Ramadan.

“There have been academic theories as to whether the young people feel a tension between their religious obligations and fitting in with Western culture.”

Coun Bond said community figures in the area are working on a range of ideas to tackle unruly behaviour.

She said: “We have an offer from the Embedded Community Mediation project to recruit and train young people from Nether Edge to become community mediators.

“One issue is young people in the area don’t feel they have any role models to look up to, so if we can make them community mediators, they become part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

Another idea involves installing hadiths – religious scriptures which reiterate the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad – across the area

A post on the Nether Edge Labour Party website with suggestions for tackling the problem said: “Establish a group to support the development of a youth club at Madina Mosque, investigate installing hadiths in the area to remind young people of the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad and consider how we can raise awareness of the work being done to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

Coun Mohammad Maroof, fellow Labour member for Nether Edge, said: “These are various ideas put forward to tackle the issues.

“The youth club will be important, because it will give us a chance to speak to young people directly.”

South Yorkshire Police said it intends to use new laws to clamp down on the gang.

However, Sheffield Council rejected the hadiths idea.

Coun Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “It is important anti-social behaviour is dealt with. However, Sheffield is a city of many faiths, cultures and communities, and we would not use religious texts as a way of addressing anti-social behaviour.

“We are working with the police, youth teams, schools and the community to address issues in the most effective way we can.”


Yerd mi first time

8:58 PM on 10/06/2015

“Another idea involves installing hadiths – religious scriptures which reiterate the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad – across the area.”

What a brilliant idea! Abbeydale will then look like a downtown suburb of ISIS controlled, of peaceful, fun-loving Mosul or Falluja. What clown thought that one up?

Look a few lines in. “Youngsters as young as 13”. Deal with these CHILDREN by prosecuting firstly them, then their parents. If the parents are having problems with them, then get Social Services involved.

I see that Coun. Bond is already preparing her excuses that things might get worse during Ramadan. Then deal with it & make sure it doesn’t. SCC & SYP have time to prepare. That’s what we tax payers pay you for. And by claiming this, isn’t she doing a disservice to the average Muslim who doesn’t cause trouble.

I’d guarantee that if these youths were causing similar trouble linked to one of the city’s football teams, they’ed be hauled in immediately & councillors wouldn’t be making excuses or seeking to understand what could be troubling their tiny, imature minds.
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7:28 PM on 10/06/2015

If it was a group of white British teens causing this sort of trouble the police would rightly steam in and round them all up, why are we wasting valuable resource on this issue year after year, these aren’t immigrants they’re 4th generation born in the UK, treat them as this and sort out the issue swiftly. If I’m driving through nether edge and my car is attacked while I have kids in the car I’d have no issues protecting myself and my family with no regarding for the well being of these cowards and scumbags.


5:41 PM on 10/06/2015

Putting fairy stories up is not going to make a blind bit of difference,some of these yobs cannot read some couldn’t care less and some think the Koran ´justifies their illegal actions.

Baron de Eau Draant

4:33 PM on 10/06/2015

Never thought I’d agree with the likes of Isobel Bowler. As for the youth club idea I was under the impression from story run by The Star last year that some sort of gym/boxing club was running in the Abbeydale area, funded in part by SCC & SY Police to prevent trouble. Well that seems to have worked doesn’t it? And what of a story from earlier this year, with an elder from Wolsey Rd mosque stating that they teach their congregation respect for all. Once again that’s worked hasn’t it.

SCC & SYP will do everything to pussyfoot around the issue of anti-social behavior involving this lot, rather than tackling it head on, issuing fines & seeking convictions.
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4:27 PM on 10/06/2015

I don’t often agree with Labour but Coun Bowler is right. Putting religious text up will have no affect on the violence in the area and will only make the place look more Islamic. In fact the violence and anti-social behavior goes up during their religious festivals.

When prostitutes started plying their trade near a mosque, in Bradford, the locals confronted the problem head-on by patrolling their area and speaking to the ‘ladies’ and their customers.


4:01 PM on 10/06/2015

They’re more likely to be influenced by the lyrics of American gangsta rappers than the scriptures. All this feeble hand-wringing is pathetic. Why can’t we just admit that they’re obnoxious, violent, racist scumbags and allowing people from their part of the planet into this country was a massive mistake?


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