France Is Now At War : November 14 2015

France Is Now At War, The French Government Declares A State Of Emergency And Has Now Closed The Border To Prevent Muslims From Entering France

By Theodore Shoebat

France is at war. For the first time since the war in Algeria, the state of emergency is decreed in the whole country! The borders are closed. We deplore a hundred deaths in just the Bataclan! Unique and terrible situation: France is in crisis. At least three shootings and three explosions and a hostage situation. we start talking about the largest terrorist attack ever known in Paris!

Five terrorists have been killed already, and there are numerous terrorists still at large. France has now shut the border now in order to prevent Muslims from entering the country. Francois Hollande said that a “state of emergency will be declared and the borders will be closed,” and he called for his nation to “show unity and cold blood.” In other words, he is exhorting the French to be French.

What is happening in France has immense redemptive qualities. This violence is only going push France to actually be France. For 2000 years Christianity has had a very strong presence in France, and for centuries France has been a Christian nation. When the Muslims were slaughtering Christians in the 11th century, it was France who stood up and led Christendom to conquer the Islamic Crescent through the power of the Cross.

France will be amongst the great beautiful crowns of Christendom, and will help lead humanity back to the Crucified Lord, the King of Heaven Who lead the saints to victory over the Antichrist in the Final Crusade. Yes there is suffering, yes many people have died, and will continue to die, but this suffering is only being permitted to purge the lands of the Cross. When people are brought to salvation, at times God must allow lives to be taken, to awaken people to the reality of death, that we are not going to be alive forever, that death is near, and that we must cleave unto Christ and fight for the Brotherhood and Orthodoxy.

This is not the end, this is only the beginning, the beginning of Christendom’s revival.

Here is a message, from the Nation of the Cross, to all Islamic terrorists: Christ is returning as a warrior king and He will destroy all of you and obliterate Islam:


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