Police Clear Abandoned School of Islamic Migrants : November 16 , 2015

Police Clear Abandoned School of Islamic Migrants

(AFP Photo/Dominique Faget)

(AFP Photo/Dominique Faget)

This morning, French police surrounded an unused school in Paris and brought in several buses in a move that ended with the last illegal migrant squatter’s camp being cleaned out and more than 1,300 illegals evicted from the last major camp in the French capital. Many of the illegals had spent months in increasingly rough conditions before today’s roundup.

The migrants were transported in a fleet of buses early in the morning taking them to hostels and special accommodation around Paris. “I don’t know where we’re going, but it has to be better than here: we can have a shower, food. Here, there were too many fights,” said a Moroccan man, carrying two stuffed suitcases. Authorities said 1,308 people left the dilapidated building, including 40 women.

Authorities decided earlier last month that the migrants had to vacate the building. But it took a while to figure out what to do with them. “The idea was to wait until next week, but the situation deteriorated over the past two weeks with serious crimes, a deterioration of health conditions and violence,” police chief Michel Cadot said.

Despite a group of pro-migrant protesters shouting support for the illegals from the street, police carried out the eviction without any problems. The building, which had been empty for a couple of years, was first taken over by about 100 illegals back in July. But that number rapidly grew to the current 3,000 plus level over the next couple of months. The occupiers represented a diverse group of countries including; Sudanese, Afghans and Eritreans.

The Jean-Quarre school is the last major squatter’s camp in Paris that is known to authorities after two other such buildings were evacuated earlier this summer, one each around La Chapelle and Austerlitz stations. One volunteer doctor said that the action was necessary because, “There were risks of an epidemic.”

City officials said that now the migrants will be housed in a dozen centers for a month while they decide whether to lodge asylum claims. The vacated school is slated to be remodeled into a shelter for homeless persons over the next few months, but it may receive a new mission in life due to the high number of persons filing asylum claims in France. This year alone, over 52,000 people have asked for asylum so far this year as the flood of illegal Muslim immigrants into Europe continues.

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