Who is to blame for terrorism? You, apparently / November 16 , 2015

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written by Joe Hildebrand :

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Who is to blame for terrorism? You, apparently

Buried within the many horrors of the Paris attacks is a kernel of truth that speaks the nature of its evil: The sheer pointlessness of it all.

Far from condemning the terrorists, the Grand Mufti and National Imams Council’s statement appeared to condemn the nation for not bending to their will. (Pic: David Moir)

Buried within the many horrors of the Paris attacks is a kernel of truth that speaks the nature of its evil: The sheer pointlessness of it all.

The great lie of terrorism is to present murderous rage as an expression of a legitimate grievance. Previous Islamic extremist atrocities have been highly symbolic, such as the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks, directed at so-called Western decadence, as with the Bali massacre or the tourist attacks in Africa, specifically targeted towards transport infrastructure as in London and Madrid, or framed as a response against a perceived offence, as were the Charlie Hebdo killings.

It is all a grotesque lie, as the weekend has shown: People killed randomly at a restaurant or a concert or a football game. People killed for no other reason than that they were there. That they dared to exist.

Yet were this not sickening enough, we now have to deal with the suggestion that we ourselves, Western society, are the true cause of such atrocities, a nauseating argument that has once more been rolled out before the mourners have even buried their dead.

The usual excuses for terrorism are made. That it’s the West’s fault for invading Iraq, even though 9/11 took place a year and a half before the invasion. That it’s the West’s fault for supporting Israel, even though less than a year ago France infuriated Israel by voting to recognise the Palestinian state. That it’s caused by Islamophobia, even though the same people tell us that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Sadly for the vast majority of horrified and peace-loving Muslims, their spiritual leader has fallen precisely into this trap, as have countless hand-wringing white and godless commentators.

In an official written statement, the Grand Mufti of Australia and the National Imams Council sheeted the blame not onto extremism but instead what Western society has done to cause it.

“These recent incidents highlight the fact that current strategies to deal with the threat of terrorism are not working,” the statement said. “It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed.”

Far from condemning the terrorists, it appeared to condemn the nation for not bending to their will.

This kind of mass-level victim blaming would never be tolerated for any other crime. Imagine suggesting that we should combat domestic violence by looking at what women had done to provoke it. Imagine addressing the spate of coward punches by telling would-be victims to change their behaviour. The outcry would be deafening, and rightly so.

The inconvenient truth is that there is no rationality behind groups like Islamic State. There is no reason, nor hope of appeasement.

The only language they speak is death, and death is the only thing that will stop them.


Good on you Joe Hildebrand.  The best article written on this horrendous problem yet.

This is what top quality accurate honest and factual journalism is all about and it’s a great pity other professional journo’s don’t follow your example.

Bravo Joe!


The Australian Muslim community has a clear choice. Follow their Grand Mufti’s lead or choose to be led by someone who is in touch with the demands of 21st century Islam.


Since the Grand Poobah can not speak Englsh, we must assume he does not have an Australian passport.  Require all visa holders to learn English or face deportation. Start with the Grand Poobah himself. The Australian government gives 510 hours free of English language tuition at TAFEs.  I have taught ESL in a TAFE in Brisbane.  There were no Muslims there.  They are not interested in assimilating.

I note the formation of the Australian Muslim Party.  That will guarantee a seat or two in the Senate because their imams will instruct them how to vote.  Muslims never go against the word of the imams.


The sad thing is Australia always gets to wait before something bad happens and action is taken to solve the problem. The deceiving thing about this is, the enemy lies within.


I will be tolerant and accepting of the Islamic faith in Australia when my wife and I are allowed to walk down the main street of Riyadh, side by side, drinking a beer, eating a roast pork roll. That’s part of my culture, albeit an unsophisticated one.


The Grand Mufti of Australia only speaks for a small % of people as Islam has no “head” as we understand it.  Anyone can decide they are an Imam, and preach their own version of Islam, which is why there are so many sect and groups all claiming to be the true voice of Islam.


Enough now. I think for the protection of all Australians laws should be made harder. Citizens not born here should be able to still be deported to their country of birth and like all the Muslim countries, anyone carrying out anti Australian activity or propaganda should be locked up for life. Only then will people feel safe again here.


As a claimed scholar Mr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed should be aware that history records conflict and instability in Syria since 1700 BC. Conflict was rife well before the first Europeans visited the region. To suggest that somehow the “West” is to blame for the ideology, culture, hate and aggression coming out of the region is simply baseless.His argument is a loose construct leaving one to wonder about his reasoning and motives.


If this person represents Moderate muslims , then no wonder moderate muslims are a fertile field for terrorist recruitment . End of story


We dont make immigrants assimilate.  We give them no reason to do so.  They can get welfare, education and medical, they can have their own schools, newspapers and even suburbs eventually.  We dont create any sort of environment to either make them assimiliate or want to, let alone need to.  Little wonder when they arrive here they carry on their life as if they were back home.  As unpolitically correct it it sounds, the west should have let third world countries stay third world.  Leave the middle east to chuck bomds at each other like they have been doing for decades.  Helping them doesnt appear to have helped us.  If their countries are crap they need to do somethinga about it.  Its not the west’s obligation to go in and oust a dictator for example.  They can have a revolution – its been done throughout history.
Jonno D

@Nicole Our Politicians have a lot to answer for, if they were to look after their own as well as they look after these Muslims Australia would be a much better place.

@Nicole I agree.  Lets be honest from Bankstown to nearly LIverpool it feels like you are in another country.  The muslims have all moved there and basically set up their own enclave, (mini country).  That is definitely not assimilation.  Mind you governments of both persuasions have lacked in this area.  Whenever we get migrants in this country we should be sending them to every part of Australia. In other words, regardless of where they come from,  if they want to stay here they have to accept they might be sent to Wagga, the next family to innisfail, the next to Bourke, the next to Horsham and so on.  They should not be given guarantee’s they can all reside at Bankstown or Milperra etc.  Spread all migrants across the whole of Australia to stop these religious and ethnic enclaves being set up across our major cities etc.

Tony 1 hour ago

A sincere wish for the World at this time …Peace and Goodwill to people of all nations, ethnicities, colour, religions, gender, sexual preferences, belief systems and political persuasions. We offer you openness, to not criticise your personal beliefs and lifestyle. We require the same courtesy. We demand a return of that respect, a return of your good will to encourage us to live our lives by our values and beliefs providing we do not try to impose ours upon you. We refuse to allow anyone to force their beliefs or way of life upon us. We will fight for this right. People of ill-will, intolerant of the basic rights of others, who try and force belief systems and ways of life upon all…be warned. Enough is enough. Change your intolerant mindsets, change your ways of dealing with your fellow man. You shall not be permitted to continue this way. The world is finally waking up, uniting under a common banner, prepared to accept your intolerance and violence no longer. We offer you peace. Embrace it. Peace is no longer optional. All barriers or obstacles that do not bend shall soon to be removed. The offer is on the table…Peace to all people of goodwill.
Ken D

How and why is this Mufti here in Australia and how many future Mufti’s are coming in with the 12,000 Syrian refugees?.

Waleed Aly for Grand Mufti! Whether it’s been the IRA or any other terrorist organisation it has never been justifiable to kill and terrorise innocent individuals from all cultures and walks of life to justify any cause. The Grand Mufti should have the decency (if he has any) to step aside after showing such a flawed thinking process. How have these people (those who think like the Grand Mufti) diverged from such great leaders of the past like Saladin?

I have been warning everyone who would listen, about the “teachings of Islam” since about 1990 after I read the Koran. This religion is NOT compatible with “western Society”. It will take many many murders before the slowest amongst us wake up & see Islam for what it REALLY is, THE most violent “mainstream” religion the World has EVER known.

Those few Muslims who REALLY are decent, are few & VERY far between.

The Koran DEMANDS that ALL “Muslims” “destroy the Infidel where you find them”.

The ONLY logical course of action is to ban Islam in ALL “Western” countries in it’s entirety. That way there will be clear “battle lines” & we will no longer be attacked from within as is now happening more & more.

It’s time that we, “en-masse”, wake up to the TRUE reality of Islam & those who subscribe to it.

The Muftis “statement” is standard belief of Muslims everywhere.

“In an official written statement, the Grand Mufti of Australia and the National Imams Council sheeted the blame not onto extremism but instead what Western society has done to cause it.”

Really ?   And why would we expect anything else from this mob.

I saw the false sentiment from that group who stood together after the Cheng murder in Parramatta. A couple of them were smiling and clearly had no real interest being there. It was all a big farce for the media – and the average Australian – trying to make us think they really cared. Like hell. No dissimilar to the nonsense sprouted by Waleed Aly last night.

Definition of a Terrorist…..miserable people who recruit more miserable people!! People who are impoverished in a third world country are understandably sad, depressed……angry, easy prey for recruiters of terror……what to do?….its a difficult, sensitive issue, if we were all a member of a true united nations, we would find a way to give third world countries an opportunity for a better life….easier said than done!


Ken D

Daniel Daniel, why aren’t these people making it better in their own country instead of coming to a place where their customs, beliefs and way of life stands out like a sore thumb?.

Jonno D 1 hour ago

I have no doubt that this fellow is receiving some sort of welfare payment, well, its past time that these welfare payments were sorted out instead of jacking up the GST and kicking the heart out of pensioners, and decent Australians, I don’t wish for any of my taxes to be supporting these people, not now not ever.


Dan 1 hour ago

This bloke is a muppet. Here for 18 years and cannot even speak english. He does not represent the Muslims of Australia. His comments / statement yesterday was disgraceful and he needs to be replaced.

Ken D

Ken D 1 hour ago

@Dan Dan, he can speak English but he has a problem hiding his true feelings when speaking English.


Charles 1 hour ago

I will be looking to support MPs and senators at the next election who want to send the  Muslims, the Syrians, the Afghanistans, the Iraqis back home so they can mould their own countries in the way they want. We already have enough dead Australians and we already have a   system of government that doesn’t see women as slaves and serfs to be mutilated and married off at 13 years old. And that works for me.


colin 1 hour ago

gee its hard not to be really nasty here, but let me express some things about apparent western decadance, after world war two when we fought to protect the suez canal from nazi takeover, the muslims who had done nothing with their desert homes for centuries, decided to take back the suez canal, which was built using western decadent ideas but which the muslims saw as a nice easy fast cash source, then the western decadence developed the middle easts oil resources, the same process occured again, then the world was held to ransom as muslim oil shieks put the price of oil up again and again, muslims use decadent mobile phones, cameras, cars, jewelery, and clothing, especially the men, who believe that all women should be beholding to them, the wealthy men use western decadent universities and western decadent education to advance their own western decadent lifestyles, but as long as the church recieves enough cash donations these western decadent people and ideas are forgiven, all the time they subjugate woman, tell the people the west is no good,  pay their workers poorly or enslave them in SOME cases, bank their money in western decadent banks, use western decadent credit cards, demand and pay for the best western decadent hospital treatment, in fact they live mostly a western decadent life far outside of the laws of allah, the priests continue to forgive as long as money changes hands, its hard for muslims to understand that we simply do not like being treated as second class citizens and believe that since 90% of their wealth was built on western decadent ideas they should be more tolerant towards the rest of the world

Jonno D

Jonno D 1 hour ago

@colin You have it down to a tee Colin, great article.


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