Black Teens Kill White Woman / November 17 , 2015

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Black Teens Kill White Woman, But What They Did With Her Body Is Sickening


Two boys, ages 13 and 14, became hardened killers on November 1. They brutally attacked and murdered a woman in her car, but what they did next left authorities in shock over their sickening actions when the looked inside the vehicle.

Tanya Chamberlain was vacuuming out her car at a the Quick Clean Car Wash in Kansas City, Missouri, after she had sprayed off the exterior of the vehicle. While sweeping the interior, she was approached from behind. Unfortunately, due to the vacuum machine she was using, she was unable to hear those who came up behind her.

Tanya Chamberlain

Without any warning, Chamberlain was attacked, and video surveillance shows the two suspects showing up in the area near her car wearing “identifying hoodies.” Video then shows the two boys getting into the front seat of her car.

When the security camera boots back up, the car was gone. Due to a daylight saving time glitch, the car isn’t seen leaving the premises. However, about 20 minutes later, cops pulled over Tanya’s car for swerving, which they stated gave them reasonable cause to suspect drunk driving. The suspects fled on foot. While officers commenced a foot chase, other looked inside the car.

Tanya had been repeatedly stabbed in the face, neck, chest, and hands (likely defensive wounds) by the two boys. Her body had been propped up in the front seat with her feet resting on the dash. Police also found a blood soaked knife in the backseat wrapped up in Tanya’s hair. After brutally stabbing a white woman, two black teens took her body on a joyride.

After police released the surveillance footage, neighbors and parents of classmates were able to identify the boys as students at Bernard C. Campbell Middle School in Lee’s Summit, a suburb of Kansas City. The students showed up for school the next day in the same hoodies they wore to mercilessly slaughter an innocent woman. Since the boys are juveniles, their names and images won’t be released.

Surveillance video of the suspects

If this story isn’t horrifying, I don’t know what is. Two MIDDLE SCHOOL teens viciously killed a woman, and without any sign of remorse, they drove around with her body propped up, almost as if on display. They went to school the next day in the same attire in which they committed their brutal crime, again showing no sign of guilt. To think that children this young can be such callous monsters is frightening.

It is unbelievable that this horrific crime by black teenagers perpetuated against a white woman, doing nothing more than cleaning her car, was not all over the news. There were no riots. There were no #whitelivesmatter activists up in arms threatening to burn down Kansas City. How’s that white privilege working out?

Furthermore, is it still “fear-mongering” to suggest we arm ourselves and refuse to have our Second Amendment rights stripped away? And that, folks, is exactly why the liberal media isn’t bringing any added attention to this tragedy. It simply doesn’t fit their agenda, and it shows that the lunatics are on the left, not the right.


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