Kids in ‘no choice’ row over halal meat / November 23 , 2015

Kids in ‘no choice’ row over halal meat at Bilborough school

By JonPritchard | Posted: November 13, 2015
Portland Spencer Academy

Parents say they are “furious” after claiming a school has given their children no choice over whether they eat halal meat or not.

A letter sent out by Portland Primary Academy in Bilborough advised parents of a change of school meals, which included a note that all meat was halal.

The school says only chicken meat will be halal – the term for a method of slaughtering animals in line with Islamic law.

But parents said the children should be allowed a choice over whether to eat they want to eat this type of meat or not and objected to the method.

Jenni Tyas, of Bilborough, sends two of her four children, aged eight and 11, to the school. “It’s disgusting,” she said.

“There should be a choice and we should have been consulted over it in the first place.

“When I saw what it said on the letter, I sat down and explained to my children what halal meat was, and how the animal was killed, and they said they didn’t want to eat it any more.

“We pay for our school meals so we should have a choice.

”I’ve been having to send them in with packed lunches, but they want a warm dinner during the winter.

“A lot of other parents have been down to the school to speak about it,” she added.

Landlady Sonia Sheppard sends her 10-year-old son Elliot to the school.

She said: “It’s not about religion, it’s about choice.

“Everyone should be able to have a choice of what they want to eat no matter what religion they are. We are a big family of animal lovers.

“We’re not vegetarian but we don’t agree with the way the animals are killed to make halal meat.”

A statement was issued by the school after it was contacted by the Post.

It said: “Due to a change in our supplier’s arrangements, our supplier has confirmed from Monday that all chicken meat will be halal, all other meat is not halal.

“Any changes advised by the supplier will be communicated to the community through our website.”

For meat to be halal it has to be killed in a certain way, known as Zibah.

The definition of halal, as described by the Halal Food Authority, “requires animals to be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter, since carrion is forbidden and, jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe have to be severed by a razor sharp knife by a single swipe, to incur as less pain as possible.”

The blood is then drained out of the animal, as the Qur’an forbids blood to be consumed.

The school’s supplier, Nottingham University Samworth Academy, was unable to provide a comment.



They probably would empty, if their kids were being forced to eat kosher meat. You just don’t get it do you ? Its akin to forcing Jewish or Muslim Kids to eat communion wafers instead of cream crackers. I’m sure you would think that would be an imposition and insensitive. So why object to such sensitivities by people from a Christian populace or who object on welfare grounds. Is it because you are the real bigot, insensitive to anyone not subscribing to your prejudices.

trickystu | Wednesday, November 18 2015, 12:42PM

It appears Christianity can be called into question, but not Islam.
I think you’ll find EP, that human rights swings both ways. I think this thread is worthy of attention in the tabloids.
I think I’ll pass this along and see if I can send it national.

trickystu | Wednesday, November 18 2015, 12:23PM

But it is about religion isn’t it?
The majority are having to accommodate the minority, to satisfy a backward belief in a bloody book.
The thing is where does it end? It doesn’t more and more and more gets taken.
Is this life threatening, like gluten free etc? No it bloody isn’t.
You want to pacify your backwards beliefs, then pay for it and don’t inflict it on my kids.


Some of the posts I have read are missing the point, this School is in the UK, The UK is a Christian country, halal slaughter is a Muslim tradition, please do not allow our culture and customs to be dictated by religious groups trying to change our way of life to the one they ran away from


I dont know who runs the school, but they should know that love is the only truth. If they have any love of God, any love of God’s creation, including of the animals, any love of the students or even any love of those afflicted by islam, they would reverse their decision and try to help them.


This kind of meat produced by extreme barbaric suffering is so full of negative energy – look what it does to the people who exclusively consume it.

Cross House Hotel

Parents should keep their kids home until this school reverses this barbaric and savage food option. No British child should be forced to consume animals killed in such a vicious and brutal way.


Just imagine the fuss if the situation was reversed

stopdown555 | Friday, November 13 2015, 3:51PM

The halal process is barbaric and has no place in England at all. Any religion that requires halal is nothing less than barbaric. Parent need to petition the school against this practise.

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