Police find ISIS flag among belongings of student who stabbed four / December 5 , 2015

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Police find ISIS flag among belongings of student who stabbed four in ‘lone wolf’ rampage

POLICE have found a printout of the Islamic State flag among the belongings of a reclusive student who stabbed four people in a university campus rampage, according to reports.
By Jake Burman
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Wed, Nov 11, 2015 | UPDATED: 00:46, Wed, Nov 11, 2015

Computer science student Faisal Mohammad was shot dead by officers last week after the horror incident at the University of California Merced.

The 18-year-old “smiled” as he stabbed two students, a campus construction worker and female teacher using a 10-inch blade.

His terrifying attack was later praised by an ISIS-linked Twitter account.

Mohammad was found carrying highly flammable petroleum jelly – dubbed “poor man’s C4” by police – along with ziptie handcuffs, night vision goggles, duct tape and a hammer in his rucksack.

Now investigators have found a printout of the Islamic State flag among the attacker’s possessions – but officers were quick to dismiss claims the brutal assault was related to the evil terror group.

County Sheriff Vern Warnke said a two-page note found inside Mohammad’s pocket suggested the attack was based on “personal animosities” – motivated by revenge for being booted out of a study group.

Warne said “there is nothing to indicate this was anything other than a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates”.
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Mohammad, described as anti-social by his university roommate, was reportedly “having fun” as he slashed his first victim in the throat inside a classroom.

Then construction worker Byron Price was stabbed by the student as he tried to intervene and stop the attack.

Mohammad was described as anti-social by his former roommate

He had a smile on his face, he was having fun

Bron Price

The 31-year-old said: “He had a smile on his face, he was having fun – which is more what bothers me.”

Mr Price – who drove himself to hospital where he received nine staples – has been credited by police with saving the first victim’s life.

He said: “I just kind of kicked at him. It was a really big knife and he was swinging it down so I figured if I was on the ground and my feet were at him, he could get my legs and not my body.”

Victim Byron Price had to have nine sables after the attack

After being disturbed by Mr Price, Mohammad fled outside where he stabbed a female student and a member of staff before being shot and killed by police.

The sickening attack drew praise from a Twitter account associated with ISIS – which had previously released a series of videos calling for lone wolf stabbings.

Just minutes after Mohammad’s name was released, the account tweeted in Arabic: “May Allah accept him.”
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The US is going to have to seriously consider not allowing any more Muslim immigrants into their country at some point. As this will not be the last attack as we have seen happen in France.
Faisal Mohammad or Mohammad Mohammad does being named Mohammad ensure you become a terrorist?
Well Europe better get used to this sort of thing because they have let Muslim terrorists walk into their countries unhindered. We too in the UK are stopping all sorts of Muslim threats to the UK yet we are still letting them in. And if I keep hearing “the majority of Muslims are peaceful” I will shove those words down that person’s throat. An article in the DE that we were not allowed to comment on about the rise in attacks on Muslims – what the hell do they expect? If you cause trouble at every turn, threaten the country you are in with bombs, cry “racist” and “Islamaphobia” at every stupid little thing and demand we live your way of life, of course we are going to hate you. Muslims have brought it upon themselves with their behaviour and attitude. I don’t care one little bit.
Like, the habits bred in for 1400 years are suddenly, miraculously, going to change..?
Why do they keep calling Islamic fundamentalist terror attacks “Lone Wolf” ? They are all for one reason and are a call to arms by Muslims for Muslims. Nothing is Lone Wolf in Islam. There is always the one who brainwashes someone into believing their fairy is better than any other fairy so they should kill someone if they do not agree with it. Muslims cannot enter dialogue without having a sword, a gun or a bomb by their side to ensure it goes in their favour. Sorry but that is how it has become. Otherwise they will use the racist card.
They have to have weapons by their side to argue about Islam because it is the most stupid cult in the world which dominates every aspect of the followers life.
This is the reason the elites want Islam as the worlds “religion”. Just read about the Muslim elders ordering their people to vote for Labour.
It is a cruel and barbaric cult.
…and I don’t want to PAY for the Education or have people of a similar terrorist ilk living in my street or community.
Islamic attackers (whatever their motivation, global war or empty revenge) should not be called Lone Wolves, but a more suitable name.

A Lone Wolf or Wolfshead, conjurers up images of Robin Hood racing through the green woods as he fights tyranny and oppression. A romantic, inspiring vision that calls to our hearts across the centuries.

To remove this romance, we should label what they do as Pinky Pig attacks.

Acts carried out by mindless animals on their way to slaughter.

“This young man became a Pinky Pig after visiting extremist websites.”
And people are surprised that racist attacks against muslims are going up
how many times have you heard this blatant lie……” it wasnt muslim terrorism “?
We here in the states always get that is “workplace violence”.
The best way to shut these mossy that cheer and jump for joy every time one of their mental members of the idiotic stone-age id-eol-ogy k-il-ls and gets k i l l e d,and they hope the t-w-it in the sky A l i b a b a will give them their promised rewards,not one has come back to boast about the rewards they were promised after their sacrifice,by their I m a ms and m u l l a h s,they themselves are squat on their lazy back-ends,when the ends are not attempting to reach north,when sh-ot de-ad as this id-iot thankfully was,another one less in the world,some of his body parts should be spread in different locations,his buddies would not like that,because he wouldn’t get his vi-rg-ins.accor­ding to their silly ways.

The whole of Europe & the Anglosphere is being silently over-run by them thru the i n v a s i o n by stealth called “immigration”.

Perry Winkle
Google the term “Al Hijra” and you will see it is one of the underlying pillars of Islam. It means colonisation through migration and it is based on Mohammed’s example when he moved from Mecca to Medina.
The rest of the 3rd World are piling in also.
Perry Winkle
As the esteemed Director said recently: “The use of the term ‘lone wolf’ is misleading and a dangerous product of politically correct thinking. The reality is that behind every so-called ‘lone wolf’ is either a network of supporters or a culture that encourages attacks by Muslims against what they term ‘infidels.’ Law enforcement is being fettered by the misuse of language and the public are not being served by this propaganda.”

In my view, this is a correct understanding of the nature of the problem. After all, is it not the case that wolfs always hunt in packs?
If his name had been Jones or Smith I would have been inclined to believe the polices report, but as it is a popular Muslim name then one can only laugh at their stupidity in getting to fool Joe public.

Another export from the Palestinians I see. Well done the Police, another terrorist eliminated.
I am glad they killed this evil scum M u s l i m, I am smiling now. 🙂

I notice that this did not get any coverage from mainstream media and was played down…. Also no comments from Obama.

ISIS is a pure 100% US, UK and Sudia/Quatar creation to get to Russia…. Yes, it is that complex.

The big western oil companies own almost all the oilfields in the gulf states. They want an oil pipeline from Saudi and Quatar cutting through Iraq and Syria, through Turkey and feeding Europe. This is to cut off Russia’s dominance of the oil trade there, and theoretically cut of Russia’s economic life blood.

Saddam said no and Assad said no….. They got rid of Saddam with a phony reason to go to war and installed their puppet government, leaving only Assad to be removed.

The UK Parliament voted not to attack Assad, and the USA don’t have the guts for military action alone, so created funded and armed the rebel groups (terrorists) including ISIS to get rid of Assad for them, hence Russia’s involvement to keep Assad in power and a UK/US puppet out.

America’s economy is being seriously threatened by the vast movement of wealth and power from west to east….. Russia and China, so is it any doubt that these two countries are constantly being made to look villains?????

Incidents like this are a mere symptom of this aggression, but it is OK…. It is just the common people who are in danger, the big politicians and the billionaire corporations, their kids and their families are well protected.

Wake up people.

Perry Winkle
Putin backs Shia Muslims as evidenced by the recent opening of a Shia megamosk in Moscow. Putin backs Shia Syria and Iran who currently play second fiddle to the Sunni Muslims represented by Saudi. The oil prices has collapsed and Russia rely on high oil prices to power their economy. Follow the money, or in this case, the oil. The showdown that is coming is between East and West and Islam is being split down the middle. The mass confusion in Europe with the Islamic migration may be a Russian move as Merkel is E German and former member of the Soviet inspired Jungen Korps (similar to the Hitler Youth).

Bottom line: it is possible Putin and Merkel are in this together.

Did you notice the oil price crashed at the same time the US created the Ukraine crisis to trap Russia into sanctions?

It is all part of the same game and Russia is the goal.

Cameron went trotting straight off to Brussels and screamed for sanctions on Russia… the US and UK are manipulating the oil price with Saudi and Qatar to take the Russian oil trade away from Europe, a massive market.
UKIP Dave we are bloody well wide awake believe me. Yes we know about the common people always copping the rough end of immigration whilst the Government and their cronies are well protected and far away from the consequences of their actions. Just to look at Cameron’s podgy smug face makes me ill.

Yup and it doesn’t end in the ME.

Believe me, Russia will declare war on Saudi, USA and UK if Assad gets toppled. You can bet your life on that one.

Not anything to do with ISIS or Islam according to the police, yeh right.

Monday, 7th December 2015



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