Antisemitic Student Becomes First Expelled From Major French University Since 1872 / Jan 17 , 2016

Antisemitic Student Becomes First Expelled From Major French University Since 1872

January 15, 2016 4:18 pm 97 comments

Amira Jumaa. The 20-year-old was expelled from the prestigious Science Po university after making antisemitic comments on Facebook. Photo: Twitter.

A student who posted rabidly antisemitic remarks on Facebook became the first to be expelled from the prestigious Science Po university in Paris since the institution was founded in 1872, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on Friday.

During an online debate with an Israeli student, Amira Jumaa, 20, wrote: “You don’t belong anywhere in this world — that’s why you guys are scum and rats and discriminated against wherever you are. Do not blame it on the poor Palestinians.”

In response to being accused of racism, Jumaa, a Kuwaiti, called the Israeli student a “dispersed rat,” and added, “I am not an immigrant from France. I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”

After the antisemitism watchdog blog TheInglouriousBasterds first published her comments in October, Jumaa was suspended from Science Po, officially known as The Paris Institute of Political Studies. She was also fired from an internship at the French embassy in New York.

A disciplinary committee of professors and students at Science Po decided on Jumaa’s expulsion in December but it was not widely publicized at the university. The announcement was only made via a notice posted on a university bulletin board, according to the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur, which discovered the paper and published the story this week.


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