Muslim attacks on ‘infidels’ mount / January 17 , 2016

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Muslim attacks on ‘infidels’ mount

First Posted: 3:04 pm – January 15th, 2016

Robert Lee – Contributing Columnist

The enemy is at the gate and this administration has allowed the breach in the gate to be widened. We are witness to the security of not only this country, but of the world falling apart.

I do not point my finger at Muslims, but I do question a religion that would wish to enslave the infidel, as this is what Christians are to Islam. We are looked upon as less than dirt to tread upon.

We are watching the entire continent of Europe fall apart. It is not totally lost at this point, but I do not see how it will ever be turned around. It has been overrun by refugees. Refugees who do not want to be assimilated to the European way of life and learn their host nation’s language. The arrogance of some of these people is unbelievable.

On this past New Year’s Eve in 12 European cities, Arabic-speaking men from North Africa and the Middle East attacked local women. These attacks were sexual in nature. Drunken believers of Islam. The best part: These are not the radicalized Islamic believers. What do you think it would be like if it was in the form of a member of ISIS?

One 17-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested for one of these attacks said it was his right to attack the infidel as they were not clean. We are better than the Christians. These were his own words.

There was an Iraqi who told Der Spiegel in an interview, “There is nothing you can do because we were invited here.” This took place in Cologne, Germany, where as many as 120 German women were attacked. The true number will most likely never be known.

There were Arabic men arrested who had papers with the translation of Arabic to German that stated, “If you do not have sex with me, I will kill you.” If this was falsely reported, it was done by all of the networks in this country.

What is so bothersome to me is the fact that the German police tried to cover it all up. That did not happen, as many women are still coming out with their own personal stories of these attacks. One result of the cover-up in Cologne was the loss of the police chief’s job.

The reason for this was not to incite the Muslim population. We must all be calm; we don’t want to upset anyone, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Damn their feelings is the way I feel about it. Damn being politically correct. I will come back to our own country’s problem with being politically correct a bit later on.

France has areas in their country where the police will not go. These areas are run in the Islamic way. Their way and be damned the laws of France. Why? France has allowed over the years too many people from the Middle East to settle in their country and are at the tipping point of taking all power from the government.

A government that is afraid to rock the boat with the Muslims. Rock the boat? I don’t think so. Tip it over and drown a few.

Switzerland is now known as the rape capital of the world. Why? Muslim men who think they are above the law. These men think so very little of their own women. Now the infidel women stand no chance. They are to be preyed upon. Because, once again, in these men’s mind the infidel women are subhuman with no value.

I could go from country to country in all of Europe — the problem is not getting any better with these people. I do not say that this problem is with all of the Muslim men, just far too many.

The problem still must go back to their culture. I am not saying that it is a bad culture, but it is not our culture and it is not the European culture. This Islamic culture wishes to destroy any culture that would stand in its way. Don’t believe it? Take the time to go back through the religion’s history and study it for yourself. It is not the peaceful religion some would have you believe.

It is a religion that would tell you to convert and we will welcome you as brothers. That’s a lie — at that point, you will be looked upon as a traitor to you own religion and a traitor to your people. You would never be trusted by these people. What you would be doing for these people would be their bidding. You would be their pawn. You would be the one who would be radicalized and if you did not carry out whatever they wished for you to do, then you would be looked upon as not being a true believer of Allah.

This is taking place on a daily basis. This is taking place all over the world. Do not think for one moment that it has not already happened here, for it has. Just this past week there was a convert who had taken an oath to kill the infidel in the name of Islamic jihad. This radicalized convert did ambush and did try to kill a police officer in the city of Philadelphia.

Without a doubt, this officer had God sitting in his squad car with him. This lowlife bastard rushed the officer and at point-blank range, shot him three times in his arm. The officer was able to react to the attack and after getting out of his squad car he returned fire, striking his attacker.

In the aftermath of this cowardly attack, the mayor of Philadelphia made a statement to all of America. I have never seen such stupidity come out of any man’s mouth. I need to back up — his words are not the only stupid comments being made at this moment. This administration has dropped a few of its own.

The mayor’s statement was that this attacker was just a criminal, that it had nothing to do with Islam or being a Muslim convert. It had nothing to do with ISIS. I have to laugh at this fool’s words. It came out of the attacker’s own mouth that he did it in the name of Allah and ISIS. He stated that he did it because he was at war with the infidel. He knew exactly what he was doing.

This attacker had made trips to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The reason was to get training. To enhance his ability to kill. He came very close to achieving his goal. Even his friends and family have said he was a problem, but not the mayor.

The politically correct do not want to upset this nation’s Muslim population. Get over it. I am upset and no one gives a damn how I feel and I was born here. This is our country more than that of someone who comes here from another country.

Say I’m wrong if you want to; I am not the only one who believes this way. Ask any man or woman who has served to protect this country. See how they feel. You might have a fight on you hands, especially if they served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Any excuse this mayor could come up with for the attacker, he tried it. Leading questions were brought up by his office to the attacker’s mother. “Was he hearing voices?” Of course he was, after you put the idea in her head.

She, like any other mother, is trying to save her son from a long jail sentence. Is she wrong? Hell yes she is. Let him pay for his crime. He is a would-be killer of us all if he had the chance. But he is nothing more than a coward and he proved it.

Will they ever go man-to-man? Never, that would take a man to do so. Each and every one of them gags me and that also goes for the ones who would defend these parasites.

The reason the mayor feels so strongly about defending this man is simple to understand. He was elected to the mayor’s office by the Muslin population of Philadelphia. Let us all be politically correct and to hell with America. You have those who believe this.

I say this: If you do not love America, its people and our culture, then by all means, go back to your camel farm.

Go back to your countries of origin. Live in fear of your government. Live with no human rights. Live with the fear of the thought that the government might come one night and take you and your family away never to be seen again.

You have been allowed to come to our America to live in peace with your fellow man. Do not take this lightly.

We are a loving people. We also will avenge any hurt put upon our people. Become Americans. I am not saying forget your culture. Just come in peace and live in peace. You will be welcomed.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


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