Muslims ‘incompatible with Australian values’ / February 21 , 2016

Muslims ‘incompatible with Australian values’

Published: 11:11 pm, Sunday, 21 February 2016

Kirralie Smith, the NSW Senate candidate for the newly formed Australian Liberty Alliance has called for a 10-year pause on Muslim immigration.

In an interview with Sky News Ms Smith said that Muslim culture is ‘not compatible to our democratic values of freedom’.

‘Islam is more than a religion, it’s a totalitarian ideology with political ideology,’ the Senate hopeful said.

Ms Smith outlined that her party ‘does not have a problem with people who want to integrate,’ but citied examples in Europe of Muslim people forming enclaves, which she fears could happen in Australia.

‘There are many people in this country who have read the Koran, who have genuine concerns.

‘We need to have an honest debate,’ she said.

Ms Smith expressed that she is not worried about how Muslim residents would feel if they were to hear her comments.

‘I’m not worried, because I think that there are enough indicators that we have some serious issues already, these indicators are already much further down the track in Europe and we need to arrest it now before it goes any further.’

– See more at:–incompatible-with-australian-values-.html#sthash.NOxNyQ4m.dpuf


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