Muslims celebrate EID, the festival of sacrifice ? March 20 / 2016

Below is an excellent comment in response to an article which is reprinted after the comment .

October 31, 2013 @ 10:48 am

Many “school day off” holidays will have in the days proceeding them… assignments, story times, special presentations, etc… about that day all over school. Kindergarten tots may have a coloring page about the holiday, a 1st grader gets a story time, a 5th grader makes a diorama about it, the 8th grader does a book report and the high schoolers will have an assembly with the holiday as theme. OR “all the above” for the students whether K-12 (though not sure how many 5 year olds make dioramas).

This comment about “jog your memory” of your own past school days or reminding you what your child, grandson, niece or “your neighbor’s kid” does in the present 2013 needs to be used as a warning in this 21st century where muslims are spreading their vile behavior.

If the holidays are “made official” then the curriculum of the schools will do everything possible to support and create awareness leading up to that holiday. At first it may be all “warm fuzzy lets learn about a new culture” and there will be no reference to the hideous torture and cruelty of the animals, the exposure of children to these acts and the unhealthy aspects of this slaughter if the animals are eaten.

Eventually, the children will be exposed to this horror, but initially they will get inundated with other aspects of sharia law. Then what will we have in schools and in public venues where children take after school classes or community activities…

Gender segregation as boys and girls sit in separate parts of a cafeteria. No Jews, Hindus or Catholics as they have been expelled or forced to eat meals in the restroom toilets. Girls not allowed in gym class to take swimming lessons… not a problem as education for girls is eventually phased out.

Text books and science laboratory experiments only focus on how wonderful the muslim world is… history books praise their accomplishments in every endeavor, geography maps DO NOT SHOW Israel, science labs claim every experiment or science theory being tested reflects on a muslim inventor, as does every math problem written on a chalk board in algebra or trig class.

Book reports for social studies topics or articles being reported on for Current Events class will be graded harshly if not pro-muslim. Libraries purge themselves of books that do not meet the approval of imans and psycho mosque clerics.

Look for boy’s sports (no more girl sports as there are no more girls) take on a vicious atmosphere. The concept of fair play, sportsmanship and behaving like young men on the sports field, swimming pool, rink or court is thrown out the door as youngsters mimic the barbaric “spoiled brat” playing behavior or muslim athletes… which more often than not… LEADS TO CHEATING, LACK OF DISCIPLINE AND VIOLENCE.

Symbols and traditions important to the school and surrounding community just simply vanish as not to offend muslims. The favorite cafeteria food served every “Wednesday” isn’t “halal” and vanished from the menu for the first time in years and no more fish, grilled cheese sandwiches or veggie pizza on Fridays because that reflects Roman and Eastern Rite Catholics.

Crosses disappear from Christian schools and national flags are taken down from secular/public schools. Cancelled are patriotic pep rallies, guest speakers in history class that speak of the Holocaust, and adults who speak about their “careers” whether it is “People In Our Neighborhood Day” or “My Mom or Dad Works As A … (Blank) Day.” After all , that adult may be in a profession that offends muslims.

The toy and game shelves in the classrooms for younger children will be purged. Gone are piggy banks; Miss Piggy and Olivia dolls, Noah’s Arks or Farm and Zoo playsets (may have non-appropriate critters), pull-toy puppies on wheels, Barbies (after all Mattel’s Barbie Milliecent Roberts is a Western WHORE), dreidels (that are in the box with tops and left out all year round), action figures of women super-heroines or patriotic male superheroes and GI Joes… and geography quiz games or board games about the world… as it may contain something about the “Zionist entity.” Oh and apparently no Star Wars toys that remind people of islam!

Also, as the war against toys continues… heck, keep in mind some muz states it was punishable for children to have a doll, ball or a damn kite.

A Protestant Minister or Jewish Rabbi or Buddhist Nun cannot speak to the class when a “tragedy” affects the community… BUT BE SURE AS HELL A MUZ CLERIC WILL BE THERE.

Muz students can be in beards and garbage bags… but NO NON MUSLIM would be allowed to wear any piece of jewelry or tee shirt or button that reflects anything that isn’t muslim.

No more cheerleaders. The girls are already gone… and any boys on a cheerleading or pep squad is disbanded. And as for the school band or choir… there will be no Christmas music, patriotic music or “sinful secular” music played. And NO classic pieces by Jewish composers! Doesn’t matter as all music will be considered evil and bad; choir and individual music lessons will no longer be offered at the school.

No more school nurse offices… as most nurses are female they are gone. As is any school vaccinations, immunization programs and other social and health services a nurse at school might provide. No more high school blood drives as we don’t want the Red CROSS to be on site. That evil WICKED symbol of the Red Cross will “oppress” poor muzzies.

Oh, and while there are still girls and then continuing when there are only boys at the school…the eventually all male school staff will have a wonderful time molesting and raping schoolchildren. Maybe it can be after a special event like a Eid celebration assembly in which local farm animals are mutilated in front of a cheering crowd of kiddies who shout “Allah Akbar” from the bleachers.

GUESS WHAT!!! Think I am over-reacting or am being ridiculous?

Everything I mentioned is true. THEY HAVE HAPPENED. Some in places that are mostly muslim (ie Islamic nations)…. those that have a high muz population and have had so for awhile (like India)…. those that have in “recent” history been taken over (like Lebanon) and those which are traditionally NON MUZ but for some BIZARRE reason bring in muz immigrant parasites by the millions… such as the West.

An after school soccer league for kids… had muz students ENRAGED because they can’t cheat… and if things don’t go their way… THEY MURDERED THE REFEREE IN THE NETHERLANDS.

Parents in SPAIN enraged when the school cafeteria removes non-halal food FOR ALL STUDENTS not just muz… School in the UK remove historic school logos and symbols and alter others for fear of “offending muslims”…. children’s swim classes in CANADA AND GERMANY SEGREGATE ON GENDER.

Vaccinations as part of important public health initiatives targeting school age children CANCELLED FOR ALL CHILDREN IN SCOTLAND because a muz population of less than 1.5 % don’t want it!

Jewish and indigenous ethnic white European children hounded out of school because of harassment in BELGIUM AND GERMANY. Thai Buddhist children have muz fire in classrooms with machine guns during a class party in THAILAND.

Textbooks in the UNITED STATES praise muslims for every positive achievement in the world… in the UNITED STATES American born black students are attacked by Somali Muslim immigrant scum.

Schools for girls are blown up in AFGANISTAN… schoolgirls are shot in the head in PAKISTAN… little girls and teen girls burn alive at a school in SAUDI ARABIA because clerics refuse to let the children out of a burning building because they are not wearing burqas.

Non muslim children ARE FORCED to eat school meals in the toilet stalls in INDONESIA… a native indigenous white British boy experiences dehydration, headaches and health problems during a heat-wave at his school because a DHIMMI BITCH TEACHER does not allow him to drink water at school because it is “Ramadan” and it might offend muslims. This happening in GREAT BRITAIN.

So… you see it IS NOT over reacting. These parents MUST do everything they can to prevent ANY MUSLIM HOLIDAYS FROM EVER TAKING HOLD!

Muslims celebrate EID, the festival of sacrifice, and one of the holidays for which Muslims are demanding U.S. public schools be closed .

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has been on a crusade to get American schools to close for two Muslim holidays each year. Several have complied. But I doubt that any of them have seen what the festival of ‘sacrifice’ actually entails.
Animals Australia A terrified Australian sheep is thrown down violently and dragged by one leg across the rocky ground. Others lay dead and dying on the street around him. A foot stomps down on his neck. With a short blunt knife, his throat is sawn at, while his legs scramble in vain. When his throat is cut, he is left in the dirt, to bleed out, until he loses consciousness. His suffering is over. But for other Australian sheep caught up in the chaos, it is just the beginning.
This is called halal slaughter and it isn’t just for Eid. During the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al Adha) in Jordan and many other Muslim countries this year, thousands of Australian sheep were sold and brutally killed – in the streets, in filthy make-shift slaughter rooms, in driveways and in backyards – in breach of Australian law.


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